Monday, November 30, 2009

Bro, Ashley's Here

I would do what ever it takes to get this little gadget. What's in the earth suddenly a person come up with an idea make a gadget for Wikipedia well that's nuts! $99 not a cheap thing but it'll probably worth.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Bloody Fight Between Rusty Swords And Armed Policemen. Oh I Know It Must Be Han And Uighur. Chop!

Remembering the person you ever like. You lean your head to the wall on the classroom and sometimes stare at him/her secretly *rang rang Breaking time! You would be finding out where him/her would be going, and wondering what does he/she think is there you on their mind even just a milisecond.
Then when you about to go home, and about to approach the front gate. You are fed up, and bored but when you realize that you are walking behind him/her, you never feel as happy as this day in your whole life, and you would not forget the thing that brought u in.
Talk with them is a hard thing to do as well because it makes you trembled down just seeing her/him face. Waiting is all you got. If you have the guts you probably ask for a time to talk or ask them to go somewhere.
If yes then you will choosing what shirt would you wear, what style your hair will be, how nice you smell, and preparing what would you do when you met him/her to cover up how nervous you are .
Then you met them. All what you've been planning were drooled out, and you think you will go with the situation. Teases, laughs and touches. In the end you both had fun but time separates you both. It's hard to let him/her go but the time made you have to do it. You hope that you will meet him/her again sometime.
Go text him/her before you sleep! "Thank you for this day! Good Night buddy!" Then what would be nice is the next morning you wait for him/her in front of the gate to going inside the school area walking side by side.

I have a friend she likes this guy *cough* call it she loves this guy *cough*. Which she describe as "My feeling said so" but so lucky of my friend this guy close to her. They talk a lot then text a lot, but she kept this feeling in her treasure box locked tight. This guy has a girlfriend which is the relationship have been hitting a rock since the last two months. She's being patient all the time
"You know you're being patient after you able to calm down"
but in this case she can't bears the feeling. So she asks the boy
"Hey B, do you love me?"
He blabbering "You are one of the blah blah and you are in my heart blah blah..." eventually he don't answer the question. But after a lot of heart to heart talks they were dating. How happy the girls is even word can't describe. While what this boy doing is just hurting the girl feeling indirectly. He don't reply her messages, don't pick up her phone calls, not even meet her. So they decided to break up after had been dating for one or two months. Remember Guys like to play games, the most interesting part is doubter of a girl's mind "Could you be mine or not". I suggest to you to be mysterious okay! Now forget that boy and look for others lolol

Life is too short to waste endless experiences served upon. Don't waste your time for one thing that's not worth for you because even they don't care about you.
I once like a girl she's cute, she's the cutest girl in school. So i started to like her when i was 8th grade till 11th grade i was too nerdy to get her attention and too fat to look like the ideal man of her type
"If you wanted someone to be like what you want, it means you forcing one being a reflection of someone else"
I realized what's written above when i was graduated.
She don't like me at all for what i appeared to her, and what disturbing is "I don't like fat boys", and when i wanted to talk to her she said "I have a boyfriend" nice rejection for a conversation starter. But then i graduated i become skinnier, and i gave more attention to my hair.
Once i played at my former school, and she looked at me, i look at her too because she come closer. I don't have any particular feeling to her anymore even a bit. We talked a bit, she asked my number, and asks me to go out the following day *yawn* too lazy to do that

You must be grateful what surrounds you right now, you would not know that person or thing would help you sometime in the future, or you felt u can't let them go when they have to.
I always complaining about my close friends about this and that, and then the person i talked to said "It's your friend! Your best friend! The only one, since the other had gone. So why don't you try to know him more, so you can help him to be better rather than complaining of his bad behavior"That's a slap on my face
Then i changed since that time

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They Always Do The Triple Flips! Oh Come On I Can't Stand Seeing Their Asses Waving Around

I wrote a lot about life in due of sharing what i've been thinking all the time because for me life is like an interesting thing to do. Maybe you measure enjoying your life is going to Paris, and have a great shopping with your close friends but for me enjoying my life is seeing every people around me, and socialize with them, seeing the sun rises, the sun sets is enough. Human created to socialize aren't they? They tend to communicate one to another. I like my life. Sometime i think the precious moment of living is just spend a few hours to drink tea on cafe corner, eating bread, and looking at peoples passing by. Get another bite of my bacon cheese filled croissant to feel how grateful, how healthy, and how lucky i am to have some money for sitting there.

Life is a game and it ain't easy, living life is the tricky part have to adapt with the surroundings which act like an eruption it wouldn't always be good at you. We have to take the risk. "Love is just a game" - The Magic Numbers guys like to play game my friend said and it's the explanation why guys always being such an asshole. He likes to chase a lot of girls, and leave them when he get bored of them is fun. While girls is more sensitive. So i think that the most exciting part of loving someone is, how long you're able to spend your time with them, how patient you are to take them as they are. I am writing all of this while looking at Michelle playing her cute Blackberry. Maybe it's not comfortable for her because i always stare her face for a long time, and just keep quiet. I am still young, i know God, and all the people knows that we are visibly young. The olds always take it as an experience but who knows

So earlier blog posts is all about life. What i've been thinking, and what do i think of love. I think not even one of you wants to hear about my relationship so I just would share my thoughts with all of you. Private life is still private lololol I guess...
I always hope this will be going forever. God Bless me, and you all.
Song for this moment: Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

7-Eleven is A Disturbing Store. It Gives Me A States Surrounding and Now I Wanted To Go To States

A lot of things have been going on me my hair is shorter, i got a "Snake Bite" piercing, and i bleach my hair. Beside of that all the people around is now acting nice. I can relax, drink milk on the morning do some skip and watch tv again.
I found a new excitement of being around beside 7-Eleven store that just opened, and going with busway it is dating someone. All what i've been jealous on is now being aided by a girl that good on stitching, stitch up my open wound I was beaten up withered and being perfect all the time I hate myself I hate how am i appeared on the mirror I always wish that I am someone else and i always ask to the reflection on the mirror "Who are you actually?" i never really like myself I wish I could stop the feeling but i never like me

Well it's all about learning learning to be better. To be a better man, to be a better son, to be a better person. We're all not perfect so being perfect is such a waste. The best thing is being the best the best in field, socialization, town, or world.
We created to completing each other, she's quiet and she is noisy there they be a best friend, he is fat and the other is skinny they are best buddies there must be a opposite thing on them. I admit that i changed and I don't know is this good or not. I like things that i thought an unnecessary foods like candies, soda drink, junkies meal and my behave is changed a bit.

Michelle is a candy maniac and i know some of good candies from her. Now i can eat up 4 pack of Tic-Tac a day or on one hour well that's pretty much sounded like a candy addict. People like what they amazed of and they become influenced by that, like when first i saw my cool cousins i started to act like them and i feel confident. It is back then. But we are human and amazed by a lot of little spark of life and restricted things.
I love Michelle so much and i am her buddy she is my girlfriend and also being my buddy too. I am affected by her hobbies and what she is into I am so happy that we met after we knew each other from
It was a fate or a fluke what ever we named it but i felt i am on the right place and at the right time when i met her. We met and a lot of things happened. I had been falling for her from the firsts and we become close to each other after that.

Well everything have a thing that supports them like Mulder and Scully, Scooby and Shaggy, Han Solo and Princess Leia, Sun and the other planets, you and your dog, C3PO and R2D2, James Hetfield and his friends, Photographer and his camera, Michael Myers and his big knife, Jaques Clouseau and Ponton, Johnny Depp and his coolness, Donald Trump and a comb they all need each other.

But Life is tough, we can't being alone going through this life.
Well, she is more like a partner to me a partner for going trough life.