Monday, March 30, 2009

Is It Liberalization If i Always Criticize The Way I See Things Including Religion?

In the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Ash-Hadu An-laa ilaha ill-Allah
Wa Ash-Hadu An-na Muhammadan 'Abduhu Wa Rasooluh
(I bear witness that there is no Diety worthy of Worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger)

Religion, God, Holy Spirit

I think it's just the right time to publish this writing, an old draft that carefully written it's about a believe a religion (i'm sure everyone who read this post have one) and a reason involved about why i believe in monotheism.

It is difficult to credit any one religion as being True or any one God as being True when there have been so many throughout the life. None appears to have any greater claim to being more credible or reliable than any other. But i'm not being a doubting Thomas or a non believer but i think that religion as a border on human behaving. Bob has a friend Marah, a careless daughter of succeed businessmen. Marah never care about how she looks, what she wears even what things are belong to her. One day, Marah drop a bunch of 100's from her bag and Bob saw it, Because he always remember as his religion says "What ever you do God watches us from there" Bob pick the money and give it back to Marah
it's an example a religion pays a big role on human behave. In a more common thought religion is a way for who doesn't have direction seeking for help
"When we seek for help nothing seems able to help us, we ask God for help"
For example "God help me, i need your help to finish/pass/heal/make/able..." we seek for help to God even though can't be seen we still believe God will help us. A son ask to his father if he could explain god. No, he replied but God like the wind we can feel it but we can't see it.

The most basic question is 'what life means? Even the world's smartest thinker think about it over and over. Most religions say that life is much more than the flesh and matter we see around us. In addition, there is supposed to be some sort of spiritual or supernatural realm behind it all and that our "true selves" is spiritual, not material. All evidence, though, points to life being a purely natural phenomenon. All evidence indicates that who we really are — our selves — is material and dependent upon the workings of the brain

Ah the time goes by i remember the last time i saw the clock is about 2 A.M but now it's 4.55 A.M. The time keep on ticking i wear specs, wear my sleeping tees and a blanket separate my stomach to the notebook's base which i feel the heat on. The room is all dark and an aquarium pump sound accompany me going trough out this time. Well i bought a book recently i'll try write down my favorite part from this amazing book called "God explained in a Taxi Ride by Paul Arden"

"Walking with an old friend and mentor, i asked him if he could explain God to me
Look, He said, pointing at the sunset. What do you think made that?
Do you think it's an accident?
Do you think it's a trick of the light?
Do you think it is a fluke?
Then believe in flukes
Evolution, Fate, Creation, Fluke you call it what you like. They are words we use to describe the same thing...
The Existence of God
God is our name for the force behind creation
That's what i believe
I Believe In God"

That part above is my favorite part of the book it really speaks all the thought in my head in a form of words. It's derived my thought for questioningly the use of religion but the most important thing is i Believe In God.
Do you?

Surf! Baby surf! Swoooshhh~~

When i check my pocket it has some money in there
in case my old Sony Ericsson modem suddenly can not be used on my Mac
i bought this modem below
yeaaaah the pic is tooo gooooood hahaha basically it is an usb HSDPA modem
welcome back internet to my Mac

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's been a year since i started to be a vegetarian and one month after it i joined Peta2 for being online activist. I remember the day was March 14th, 2 months earlier before I finished my school

My parent's they might be worried me don't have enough vitamins, and minerals (i take food supplements though ) so they always say "it's okay to eat meat in once yearly or in occasion" but I don't think it's a good i idea to eat red meat (e.g beef) or chicken or something

I'm feeling like to have a nice fish n chips instead a grilled ribs or something looks filthy

and the question is
Is it worth?
Is it worth to eat meat in occasion

So my dad brought me to a place called "Fish n Co
a seafood restaurant located in Pondok Indah Mall or Plaza ex
it's a common view to saw my dad eating a big fish and a huge chips
he said that a fish n chip
so in order to respect my dad i hate to say, i have to eat that fish
so he chosen "The Best Fish n' Chips in town"

i waited with a butterfly in my stomach and with a funny stare from my mom and dad
the meal came, grab the fork
and i separated a tiny piece of it
and put it in my mouth, chew it
felt a some juicy burst in the mouth
i'm sure that is the fish meat texture mixed with the fish fat oil, salt, pepper, and flour
it's all dominated the taste in tongue
To be honest I am pretty pleased with the taste
But think it's not worth
if there a star rating like "
*****" (it's not cursing hahaha)
I would give it "***" (3 stars)
I'd probably say "No"
If it is narrowed by 'Yes' or 'No'
It feels like a fat guy come and (with a heavy voice) "oh you waited a year for this (stupid) meal aren't ya?"
Because after I swallowed some and I became nausea
And now I got stomachache
in the end, feeling regret always come after

it's not because the taste or something
but it's because it is not quite as I expected
i decided to be a vegetarian even a vegan and not eating animal and anything they produces
but now i eaten a fish
and i still feeling guilty

Nah.. Let's forget and don't be falling deeply regret
i still continuing my vegetarianism till date
for a vegetarian out there i really suggest you

Monday, March 23, 2009

i got nothing to worry about at least for 3 months toward

i just wanted to share if you want something to read you can read this man blog
it's my my old blog actually

Saturday, March 21, 2009


didn't you notice that i haven't been in a relationship from last 18 months till this day
and, did you know that i've been in relationship once on the facebook
it was a lie
sure it was a lie
haha thats stupid for you to think it's true

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Join Plurk Please It's Fun!

Plurk is i think a social network sharing thought
just by sharing 140 words on each text
none of my friends are there
please join! It's easy! just click the link below

Hey! I Want to Know Your Oppinion



(it's right below this post)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's an Exceptional from a Strict Manner

Unfortunately my facebook account cannot be opened from 5 days ago
i remember the last time it opened when thursday evening i opened my facebook from computer and mobile phone where i am using Y! too and the email facebook suggest that would be an error because the account opened from other IP in the same time over and over
Theres something good and also bad along the account closure, the bad is me and my society will have a big gap between me and them. While the good is i can stay away from what is happening out there

I was tired to see my cousins became wilder and i just can say they just buch of kids with monkey's feces filled brain they ain't got somebody to depend on, arrogant is the way to show the world that they meant something

I feel im troubled with my own mind, it seems like none of all that is interesting, semi-masochism grows, and im a bit hard to smile

and oh my left ear sensitivity still decreased

despite of that all

This day was different
I wake on 6:45 and jumped off the bed to shower up and go to the bandung train station with angkot, on the train i sat beside a Germany elder which about 60 in age
He reads a novel and make a notes about what would he doing this day
and he opened the second novel titled "Bilangan Fu" (Fu Numeral) that would started a little conversation between us (i Google down the review so i could got the big picture of what inside). So i said that novel have a interesting subject Believes, Religion, and a Human Believe between what the writer called as "sky religion" and "earth religion"
i really do interested about what's inside
after that i tell short story about my family

This day was raining hard
The rain pouring hard when im on the bike with tukang ojek on the way to some shoes store near little baghdad kemang raya, but i decided to pull off to the side of the road
i walk across the street and walk a bit duck because the rain still hard
i dont know what is the name of this place, all i know this is a small 2 stories food center
and i aim to a place which looks like just opened there
This day is the second time i visited Burger King for veggie burger
but the first time to eat in on kemang raya the tables and chairs looks improperly placed but i feel quiet pleased with the weather

Looks roomy isn't it?

and the room

I always chuckled when saw a "slippery" mark because the illustration

and the counter

and hey this time i can show you how the burger looks like : )
here below

It always wrapped in "Whooper" paper maybe they don't have Veggie Burger paper
The "meat" as i tasted it consist of flour, bread, carrot, mushroom and pepper

Aaaaarrrgghh! my eyelids become heavier and heavier
i really can't hold it
i have to go sleep
oh yea this day is my friend's birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hum hum humm Burger..

According to Burger King was the safest place in the world to eat french fries (McDonald's sprayed Beef stock to their french fries),  onion rings, and they have a vegetarian burger which sounded like a myth in Indonesia. Practically many fast food restaurant serve several different menu from region to region, like McDonalds have McRibs, Triple Cheese Burger (just arrive in Indonesia), and 4 level sandwich burger i forgot what they say it QuadrupleMac in US isn't it? 

As usual i want to have a nice large onion rings and a large fries and a large cup lemon tea
i saw the menu board like this

No, i mean look closer

Still don't get it?
i cancelled the french fries and lemon tea
surely without mayo :D