Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fried Egg Sunny Side Up, Tabasco Is A Big Yup Yup!

I haven't that feel i am lucky enough to be in this condition, yet
still not feeling grateful enough
One said "You never realize how precious someone is till they gone" still i didn't get what it delivers to me i know i care about my parent's so i never fight them back. I know i'm just a little kid and they are my parent's all we have to do is following what they ordered us to do
i care about my dad and mom i want to kiss their cheek every night every time i want to go bed and hug them like i really don't want they go but in fact i wrangled with my mom every time i met her, sometimes i talk to her with care but sometimes she act like a 10 years old kid peeping out what am i doing or give me advices like i am going to do something fool and sometimes look at my tiniest fault puke her emotion till she cried
Call me ignorant, but still i can't imagine when one of them left me
Maybe i should be grateful because my sis told me that maybe me and her is the most luckiest kid in this world maybe on planet because she had a friend she told me that she always have that hollow look and i met her every time i hang out with my sis and when i look trough her eye i really feel her mind isn't in this present time
One day i share with my sis and i said that i still confused why some unlucky kids act emotionally broke while i thought it isn't that hard, she said that "it isn't like you imagine it's more than that words, for example you see that girl the last one we talked to? Her dad was a monster every night he always had a fight with his wife, hit her and do anything to her till she cried every night, but it isn't stop there after he hurt his wife he always come to his daughter and wether she's wrong or not her dad bought her to the dining table and hit her head till it's bleeding, and after every time he do that thing he cried and apologize to both of them, his daughter and wife. It repeats every night"
So my dad doesn't act like that it means God give me something that i should be grateful of. But can ask something to parents out there or someone about to be a parent please think forward think about your kids, so your kids could live life like they should. If you want a happiness don't get rid of someone else's happiness and give a bad memory to them, your parent's didn't treat you like that so don't do such thing to give your kid a bad memory.

do i look like a bit emotionally? Man i don't. My house maid didn't came for this day and i have to get something to eat after i post this. I wrote this post about at 2 PM but the internet disconnected every 2 seconds so i can't post it at that time and this is 5:03 PM i'm about to post this thing. By the way the egg picture is the egg i fried this morning and you know i didn't eat animal products but i really miss that taste lolol
and i think someone ask me to go out the day before but they didn't give a sign they about to go so i trapped in this house. The last time i took a bath was two days ago and okay i'll took a bath!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vietnamese: Sorry Sir We Were Closed Come Back After 28th

Anissa, is a dreamer teenage girl on crowded new york, rolling stones bought her here from New Jersey. As normal dreamer teenager, there a time when she hear someone or some band that she really like to sung they song, someone that she had their photos all over your your room's wall, and someone who force her to run and face tv when they appears on tv. She had a friend named Jonathan whose be there when she need him and someone who she'll ask to watch movie on her apartment on saturday night. Jonathan said "We have a party this saturday and it will be a blast so come in!" and so Anissa interested what kind of party it is "What so interesting about it?"
Jonathan convince her that the party is what she's been looking for "there will be costume party and you can wear any kind of costume"

So Anissa decided to go with an angel costume with less protection from cold to body she think it will be cool when she wears it. The time has come, she going to that party. Sure it is, it's a blast it is the party she wanted to be she talk a lot with someone new, and laugh like crazy. But she don't feel any security because Jonathan isn't there. The thing is Jonathan lose his car key and he decided to go to the party with a viking costume by bus he rolled his eyes before he stepped on the bus. Back to Anissa someone put hand on her shoulder, she smiled and turn around, but there standing Robin her boyfriend which just break up a week before she walk away and Rob after her till they both go out from the place where the party should going. Rob and Anissa fighting and shouting on each other to convince that one of them is right and one of them is wrong but Rob shouting loud and louder till Anissa feels scared, and she crying on the garden chair near the edge of street. She saw someone she recognize for all her life passing by on the opposite side where she was, there standing Mick Jagger across the street go to mini market maybe for a pack of cigars. Her vision still blurry and she wipe her tears as fast as she could so she stepped her 10 centimeters high heels but she held up by drunken man they think she is a whore for walking over with that costume he teased her and touch her face couple of times but suddenly he went down. There he is Jonathan hit him with his fist till down, but there across the street a black Mercedes pick Jagger up and the black Mercedes go nowhere.

Anissa sat down again on the garden chair and suddenly crying. Jonathan sat down beside her. She shouted "Where'd u gone!" at Jonathan and Jonathan explained "my car went broken and i use bus to get here and when i want to call your mobile phone i went to nearest telephone box and when i reach the phone i saw you were disturbed by a drunken man that's all" and Anissa continue crying till she feels better. And she said "You know this probably the most fucked up day in my whole life i was on fight with Rob again, a drunken man thinks i'm a whore because what girl go out at this time and using an angel costume, and i saw Jagger walking in front of my bare eyes but i can't do anything" Jonathan said something that he thought it will calm her down "Well thing happens so fast but there always be a chance when you are destined to get it" Anissa feel relieved with her friend words and she said "You know, now you mentioned about chances, but now i learned that God gives us a chance no matter it's the first second third or even fourth there will be a chance like i saw Ron Wood buy a hot dog when i worked on a hotdog booth and i done nothing with him but i believe there always be a chance but depends on us how we walk all over it" and Jonathan gives her his viking coat and take her a cab and gone to her apartment.

omg im so tired when i wrote this i don't even know why i keep writing this while my eyes were heavy on the first paragraph. Really hate to write i this so long

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can Anyone Tell Me Where i Can Get Snickers Bar Because I Really Need One

Did you know how gorgeous you are till i don’t have a guts to stare at you directly

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am Wasting What I Got For A Long Time and i Realize How Stupid i Am

what the word "love suppose to mean it's like chemical basis affected your brain and make you feel happy it's explainable but in case human hasn't got name for it they call it love for instant so it became spoken
it's just for a lot of feeling you probably can say "this is the one.. and the rest is unspoken you can say you love them still for something unspoken
For instance you like that someone and you don't want to lose them and you try to go along with them as time goes by you will dislike his's/her's this habit and in time you will lose what you suppose to feel or probably they become your enemy
If you like someone and you don't want to lose them and you probably decided to be friend and there's dissatisfy in deep in your heart said "i want to be the one they love and the one they care about, and i do everything to do that" but that's the best decision you made in fact you like them very much
and about a relationship separated with a distance it'll be hard. It easy to trust someone and you build your trust to them even the worst news you would ignore it and you trust them with all your life and your feeling within it's really nice to have a feeling that you love that someone and you can feel how much they love you. But there's some case like when you trust that someone they cheated on you while you trust them in all innocence. That's wouldn't be easy to hear that they in bed with other's while you love them. Like where the hell you put my feelings to you while you do that you can beg me however you tried how hard it is you can't make me to turn to you, there's an opportunity and the offer doesn't came twice, you hurt me so bad so i don't want to know how deep you love me and how hard you try all i know you hurt me so bad
While i'm saying allowing some dreams come true it means to hold down what lies beneath, it really hard that in side we need an education to start play the future and on the other hand that means leaving your whole dream. The star scattered and frigid air blows and i said how come this thing came up to me and this is too wonderful, i said god wake me up but he didn't he convince that i am pretty much awake till the time i feel her arms next to my arms while im sleeping, and he wake me up again and again no matter how hard my brain ordered me to sleep. And he wake me pretty conscious to saw her face again and then gone i am sleeping deeply and so conscious to see the sun shine on the following morning

i found that i am wasting my DSLR and i haven't used it from the moment i bought it *sigh
and oh i just unwrapped the rereleased alesana's try this with your eyes closed, ending without stories playing

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We Don't Need The Headline but We Didn't See Head On It

i said oh God this is too wonderful
i said God wake me up
if it is just a dream i will be disappointed, badly
He doesn't wake me up cause i am awake

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Header Will Always be Ugly Yeah It Will

When i am about to write
a post about my friend Yudha, he buzzed me on Y!M
and he said "Dude make a post about me please!" and i was like "Hey what a coincidence i am about to make it dude" and he said "Okay let me know when it's finished!"
and i make that post carefully while hold down my tears till it is finished. Done!
and then i text him "Dude it's done just take a look"
in about 10 min i got a reply message from him "I'm speechless"
and said "Hey i want you to make my blog header in return"
he said "i'm busied with this office works but i will make that"

But the header would never received
he passed away on June 23rd, by hit and run accident
and the story above is the last time i text him, June 9th
i just miss someone who always suddenly came knock on my window and suddenly open my door, to whom i talk shit, music, and cute girls
May 28th we hang out and suddenly we do what we didn't do in a long time hear a song in an iPod, shares earphones, ice creams, sit in one spot, and look at cute girls passing by we just like it.
So the last time i got a touch of relieve is when i said i having a hard time i message her girlfriend and she replied me this lyrics

"Nobody said it was easy
it's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
no one ever said it would be this hard..."

Coldplay - The Scientist
im listening to this song while i'm writing this to calm myself down

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You are usually that cute girl behind that pillars, but now i am the one make a step and give my hands

I'm stressed up lately nothing helps from the moment I got hitten up with a girl problem and my best friend lost forever
We all have a dream including me I have a dream about to start a band and live life like normal
And so others have a dream
But allowing some dreams to come true means to hold your dreams down and what lies beneath your heart
To leave your favourite places to hangout, to leave your friends behind, to leave the one you like that you hope she will like you too
My mom get mad at me easily everytime and I always criticized because my laziness and lack of attention to study well
She concerned about my future this time
While i am shouting what I feel from deep of my lung with my lips closed tighty
Even I said "Mom, you are not me so you wouldn't understand
Yea my ego shouting
Daddy we used to share at first but now everytime I wanted to talk to you you always behind that laptop monitor or when I said something you are typing your message to your working partners
Well I followed what you both dreamt will be come true, I didn't ask you both to pay me or not but I just want you both don't give me a hollow promise for... The second time
I need certainty
And uh about a girl well we were dating for about a month and I caught she lied to me badly well I wouldn't say bad if it isn't bad. So how bad is get laid?
Fuck you!
Come on I want to move on
I woke up on that tiny house everyday by myself so the only person i often talk to is my house maid, she had working on that house for about 10 years and she is sundanese well the funny thing is I asked her to teach me how to speak sundanese. But now she's fired because my dad's ego he doesn't trust her anymore
Well done *clapping
Jakarta, I put so much hope in that city I planned many things to do and I wanted to go to every corner of it
But well bye bye then maybe its just for a while or maybe my mom doesn't give me hollow hope anymore
And about a girl yea you should know it I like a girl which is, i don't know, I don't want to make this gone further because we will separated with a miles and miles distance
I like you
I just want to spend most of my time with you
Argh dammit!
And the last is maybe for Yudha, dude look I can wear skinny pants again haha but uh its just hard not seeing you around, talk shit, and shares about girls anymore. I thought you can accompany me 20 years from now dude, well I learned something from you that is to care everyone you ever met, and that makes me feel I am a better man
Thanks for the lesson
Oh God please help me troubles getting bigger and worse