Friday, October 23, 2009

Bye Bye I Have To Look Up

Dude, I'm sorry i can't keep being like this
i miss you so much and no one in this world feels the same as you
i just can't stand i mourn about you too long
one side i was so sad and one side i am linger
and i bet you don't like it too when you see me like this
someone said that i need someone to talk. It was you, but you're gone
I'm sorry i can't keep being like this you are my extended family
or maybe my whole family feel the same way
I'm sorry maybe you're shouting to me from there and said things like this for a long time ago
I'm sorry for not being sensitive, and in someway too sensitive
I'm glad knowing that you save there, and I will go on live my life
Thanks for being such a good friend

I'm going to visit your grave this morning :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Quiet Farewell

It could be the last time I wrote this blog. Let's say what happened to me is my turning point. Maybe it's just the time to take on everything by myself socialize with real people and share thoughts with them. This maybe not my last note or I'll change my mind someday I will make another blog or something useful. Thanks for drop by whoever you are and what ever you doing here. I remember a scene on Watchmen movie when Rorschach is being seducted by a whore he don't give a damn on her and the whore blabbered. Before there is any misunderstanding, it means I want to keep walking on my life. This blog made me got a lot of trouble. Thank you for your attention

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Han Solo

In a need and don't
like a sun keep it schedule to shine the earth
like smokers needs their cigars
helps to done a little thing which is noticeably unimportant or even important
abandon on what have been covering the cold and heat leave it melted on the floor
as you take it wash away without put your wits end
leaf falls on a closed room no air no one will touch it
like taking a breath, hurt every took an take an amount to inflate the chest
the hardest part of living is see you walk away
while i can't do nothing to prevent it
Please understand jealousy is not a good product from God
I will take care everything you give as long as you take a care of mine too
pin your hair it covers your eyes



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Sorry I Didn't Finish The Breakfast Mommy

This morning i had a dream about you
We gone somewhere over a place that looks unfamiliar for me
We are a backpackers i have the big one and you have that leather one we hung it on our shoulder
We drop by to a Coffee Shop we sat there on the corner.
I realize something strange, everyone is talking in different foreign language. I put my bag, and about to order some drink in the middle i met an old couple said "Looks like states eh?" i left you on the corner of this coffee shop
As i ordered a cup of coffee and waited till my order came out. The doors wide open"Bang!" it slammed i turn my back and i saw a big guy short hair white sleeveless shirt blue jeans and a Ray Ban covers his eyes. He came in. A poke on my shoulder made me turn my head "Vanilla Frappuccino young boy" i get the coffee by the plate, get some sugar, and go back to the corner where i left you.
I found that you gone from that corner. It is not even funny. I hold a bag i think it's yours and i gone further to where you sat earlier, there's another backpack and they all empty. I looked outside there's nothing instead of roofless car passed, sunny weather, and a palm tress on the corner of the street. Nothing i can hear instead of mix spoken foreign language by the visitor, none of them look at me or even give me something useful, information? It was sunny and a bank across this coffee shop and i heard a screeching tire.
i opened my eyes and see my room, the heart is thumping hard. I need a glass of water

Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Can... Can i hold your hand?
A little boy asks. words shaking shudder of unknown twirl in the spine
The girl hand is held by him
Road lights
Stores about to close

Rich.. Poor
High.. Average
Spoiled.. Mature
Likeliness.. No support

A song sung by him, and being a prayer
"She is my sunshine
"She makes me happy when the skies are gray
"You don't know dear how much i love her
"Please, don't ever take my sunshine away

Go Down, Take A Licking, Be Bested... Lose. Thumbs Down For You :)

that words haunting. Like a ghost. Look at these people who have a place that they routinely gone and see their friends there whether they know them or not they always saw them so they doesn't feel that they were lonely
Sometimes i feel like i wanted to study hard, but in fact I'm being steady. In one place, creased by a lack of concentration. You can't concentrate on more than two things at the same time so you have to put attention fully in one thing in one time. I know i know, let these words flow is easier than doing it

Sometimes i feel I'm a loser, a lot of time i feel I'm a big liar
No thing i can do to make those feelings gone
I'm a waste I'm a fleeting place to stay
Why am i have to be going in this way
No one will help me except myself
My own self

God, this is the last year, hear my voice. I want medical program Universitas Indonesia

Most Of My Time Spent Just For Making a Fool. Got a Problem With That?

I got a call on late night 
The phone rang
It is a friend of mine which is i just knew him from late 3 months
he pissed. Pissed because i don't take everything he said seriously
then this came out
A: "Why did you never get serious dude! Come on be serious!"
B: "No, i don't want to"
A: "So? Why?"
B: "If we're too serious we'll disappointed"
A: "Yeah it's right though.."

Who can stand hearing a story for guy fornicating, which is detailed? No one raise their hand
If there's no biological urge between a couple they might be not attracted to each other.
Curse sex before marriage!
It ruin everything, for example i know a boy who have a long distance relationship with his girlfriend they had been dating not for a long time, and then one evening the boy got a phone call 
*rang rang "Hello can we talk?" "Who is this?" "Oh this is Gerry" "I'm in the middle of a gig, how about call me later?" "Okay!" But then Gerry texted "The truth is i can't stand it being like this, i've been fulfilled her need" "what?" "I mean the last time i was in bed with her is 2 days ago" "Whoa whoa whoa what do you mean?" Then Gerry told it everything he hope that the boy can understand but broke down like uno stacks he was. What's the reason they've been asking about it while they still "a little more touch me". All the thing the boy said is "Where did you put my feelings to you while you doing that?"
Misused mistake