Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goose Neck? I Know That Prevent Bacterias!

Please, the doors always open even when i close my eyes from whatever happening
i beg you please i want to hear the sound of your voice, the laugh, the sound of your breath, kiss my eyes before I'm lost, and feel your fingers on my palm

But the truth is, i can't reach you now...

I can't hold any longer, my eyes are about to close. But remember the doors always open even when I'm lost. Please give me a chance for the last time. I want to hear the sound of your voice. Before i close my eyes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Lord, What Makes It So Clear Just By A Word

I like you, I like you way too long now. I just don’t know what to say and what to react when I’m around you. You seem to be so not into love and things. I’m nervous when I talk to you because you react so different every other time. Please stop being so ridiculously unreachable. Do you know I'm screaming I love you and I really like you down here right now?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry Place To Hide Is Sold Out

A young man travels around Mexico where the sun is glaring hot and the wind smells salty, where everyone is not pale and talking in a strange language. Patrick Guado he named as stated on the letter. He came from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he is raised by sisters in a orphanage for 18 years before one of the sisters,sister Benedicta found him almost freezes in front of orphanage door "That night was raining hard and i heard someone knocks hard on the door" that voice always playing all time in Patrick's head the only clue to find his family. Sister Benedicta gives him some money and a blessing, he bought some clothing and a paper to which given on the same time when sister Benedict sees him on basket crying there written his name and a message to whom found this boy.

He walked along the market and houses people staring at him which making him feel uncomfortable. He decided to ask around is there someone on this whole town looked like him. bars, clubs, houses, stores, pub, secondhand market, he finds it difficult when everyone said they don't know it. No one knows except the tailor an old lady with thick eye glasses white hair, veil, pale and her face looks like a witch a tad evil witch. She busied with her work, he said "Sorry" old lady still doing her work but before he say sorry for the second time she avert to his direction look the young man from the space between her eyebrow and the eye glasses half moon frame. She look at him from the top to the bottom and said
"Young boy, have a sit"
"Oh thank you" he replied then took a chair near him and sat
She said "There must be something brought you here from far away isn't it young boy?"
"How do you know?" he replied in surprise but then the old lady chuckle,
"Your bag young boy, it's not common for someone bring a big bag along and came into a small tailor store"
Patrick too surprised to say something suddenly the old lady put down her work and turn her body to where Patrick sat "So what do you want young boy?"
Patrick still a tad surprised but later he move his lips asking the same thing "Do you know a couple or someone that looks like me in this whole town?"
"What's the story?" she replied
"I came from an orphanage and looking for my real parents " said Patrick
"Wait let me look at you closer" Patrick lean his head toward the old lady direction, she touch the young boy's face and she began to cry
"What's wrong!" Patrick said
she said "I know this face"
as the lady said that Patrick began to speculate "Don't say a thing! Don't tell me that you are my mother!" she keeps crying scared
"Where have you been old lady! Why did you leave me there!"
she cried even harder and said "No! NO! She's not me! She is Damita! Kesare Damita! She living together with Abigail Lopez Guado. He is your father"
Patrick feel anxious "But how do you know all of this! You're a liar! What is your name!"
"Abi was someone for me someone who mean a lot to me. He promised me to wait when i am going to accompany my parents to another city to sell what my father done with minerals. I am Elisa, Elisa Dorota if that made you better"
Patrick cut the conversation "Oh I'm sorry go on then I'm listening"
"So Abi cannot preserve to wait and i heard that he met Kesare i know Kesare, she is beautiful, long haired, and a perfect woman for Abi. I'm hurted by what Abi done to me but i feel happy that he can find someone better than me. You don't know how much you look like Abi and Kesare"
Patrick held his head and grab his hair take a deep breath and exhale it and said "So how can i found this two people?"
"You can find them 30 minutes from here to shore direction there's a store called Abby's Taco near the shore, there they are" Patrick kissed the old lady cheek and said
"Thank you Elise you help me a lot" and he ran off towards the shore.

He is thinking what could be possibly happen when he met them what he must do when he met them while he is still running carefully for not to shake the content of his bag. Finally he stopped when he see the shore he repeatedly look at the store in front of the shore. He found the store called "Abby's taco" a black letters with a red and white circles around it gulps his saliva down, his knee is shaking and he takes another step closer to the booth. The booth is crowded and there's one old man and woman wearing a white polo shirt and red at the collar and a hat the lower body hid by the booth. He takes another step to where the booth is and a lot of steps till close enough to saw their faces. He lines up, it was 8 person before he met one of them. Now 5, 3, then 1 left. Seconds feels like doubling on it amount. Finally, the person in front of him got his taco. He came closer by taking a narrow step toward the taco stand. Now his turn "Taco young boy?"