Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wan't Someone Provocative and Talkative, But It's So Hard When You're Shallow With The Shower and From What I've Heard The Skin You'll Win

Ooh ami l'amour
i was literally laugh and roll over the floor lol. While actually it's a scene from Aladdin when Aladdin talks about a girl he likes to the genie. Here's the videos compilation of the genie's scene. Merci'

Then while you afraid of what the world thinks about you, it's better you afraid of what you think about the world. The world is a pandora box that you decide what it contains, what awaits, what mysteries within. It's you decided what the world is when you think it's wonderful then it's as it is, when you said it's cruel and damned you're true.

All my life i tried to live like i wanted to. I've done anything i want to do and anything i think it's true as long i keep sticking to the manners. Well at least be polite to the oldies, be a good listener to them and obey them. I like being around oldies and talk with them it's fun and at least i can hear a lot of lame stories they've been through. Along the stories filtered the moral message from them and learn the manual guide to live lol

Well lately i found the people i hate the most is the person who have a lot of things in common to me. Same problems, same favorites, and almost the same life. The reason people hates us because they're the biggest fan of us and they doesn't want to show it. Just make it clear, talk, set aside the competition, and self pride

And God creates us with a sophisticated gene codes that brought from your chromosome and genosome codes no one is the same as yourself. You got your own favorites, attention of things, and hobbies that makes you're yourself. Well not all people stupid, you can say they're stupid or not from the way they talks lol i remembered a moment ago i saw TV and a guy talked and i can see he is really stupid lol omg i feel bad but he is an IDIOT lol. When the journalist asked for his comment about the kidney's day he said "Yea it's for the day... The day... What day is this? It's the world's kidney's day? Yeaaaaaah Kidney's day. Drink a lot, and damn the soft drinks! Drink water you'll be healthy!"

Damn i feel pity on him *wipe tears

I don't say I'm stupid i know I'm capable of everything but I'm not interested in some subjects or some thing. Well if i don't like one subject why am i have to know it deeper while i know i wont use it for sometime in the future i mean like i know decorating flowers is hell lotta skill but why do i have to master it? I can great at anything but i can't master everything. I don't want to waste my time to do what actually isn't myself. From now on i decide my own way and no one should take control of my life

lol enough for today's lesson of life. Well my life is kinda frustrating because of one thing lately. It's because MY BLACKBERRY CAN'T BROWSE THE INTERNET DAMMIT! Lol how can i cope of this torture it is miserable how my life going, i guess i'll just cope with the pain and sorrow wrap me keep me from the cold *okay this is over and too poetic lol hahah*

God bless you who read this to very the last line.