Saturday, September 11, 2010

lastbloodfromhell Never Get On The Line

a sentence, a word, a letter, a buzz would be valuable
let me know you're there if you are

#include void main printf("Could You Pass The Fucking Potato Please");

Another nerdy stuff me and my friends do was we started the sentences verbally with printf(" and ended with "); which a C++ language it's not time friendly but not bad for remembering attempt
haha i hope i can keep on with the pace of this native computer language
Right on! Keep some space for me Google!

Yesterday I Learned How To Speak In Korean From Youtube

Thank you for Hanna for the Greetings!
She was a great photographer, a good friend of mine, and of course a great girl for her boy :)
Take me and Michelle for a photo shoot sometimes if you don't mind

Friday, September 10, 2010

Perpetual [I've Been Trying to Reach You] Oblivion

I got bad news and good news
Whats happening right now is i got a university
which i really like and i feel like really belong in there the thing that i didn't like is just the friends. Sometimes they were supportive but sometimes they made stagnated pose. When someone is greater than they are everyone start to tease when someone appeared a bit different everyone mocks for a weirdo

I wish i have an invisible cloak to cover me from they all. I wish i could talk to every single people i wanted to and avoid the one i don't feel like to talk.
Or maybe this is what social life offered us. A lesson that we have to put ourself in the right place in order to survive.
Is it selfish to say that i don't want friends, i just want close friends like 2 or 3 of them and my family. I hate going back to socialize
The sad thing is i've been struggling for 3 years to get the best medical program in the country but no i didn't keep it on. If a doctor is a success and intelligence measurement so if you want to find smart peoples they were nesting in a building called Hospital. Whatever it is my measurement of my success lies in my dream and my goal. If you have a dream work on it to the core and soon you will live it up.

Lately i got strange feeling like the future is obscured i don't know what is this called but it's not the first time i got this feeling. Like i can't imagine what lies in tomorrow and what i've done the minute before i think. Eid ul-Fitr everyone forgive and forget about what mistakes they done to each other. Not me, words hurts more than a dagger indeed. I let it bleed