Friday, October 15, 2010

and i move to another seat in the far north corner

While the madness came in i don't know why also things in my life gets corroded slowly
people pass by... and insecurities in the middle of the people i'm comfortable of
Life is just as the shallow meaning as the life itself
life as just the meaning of surviving and struggling to live
i believe there must be someone somewhere someday out there understand what is the meaning behind these words
and i believe there is a hills for a resting place
you're just here for a short visit
make sure you breathe the air deeper, smell the flowers around
smile to strangers and someone new for every each new days

Just... A blabs in the library

Madness goes around my days
and no days in my days that doesn't have madness
sometimes i said to myself why am i always being in the middle of these chaos
sometimes i want to got into an accident and gone
sometimes i turn myself into the most convenient place in the state of mind
sometimes i don't know whom i should turn into

i sunk myself into trouble, and i have no idea what awaits when the words are spoken
sometimes every single words, every single step that you should do isn't that easy
sometimes something should have been sacrificed
or you should have sacrifice something for something in return
i am the most positive person in the whole world, and i don't know why i'm surrounded in a madness

let me be the one i want, let me feel the things i wanted