Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When We Succeed We Said "Wow this is amazing" When We Failed, We Said "At least we tried"

It's about a painting that i've been waiting for, it's not bad but it looks quite good
Please take a look

It's an abstract Darth Vader that i seen somewhere on the internet and i decided to make it into a canvass. It's now hanging on my wall

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm New Totally New. Hello, Tumblr

I got tumblr page!
At first i was afraid that i would fully move there but no it's different
it's an addition for your social network sites you PWNED
well let's give it a shot hello tumblr!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Things That Recently Crammed In My Room

Well actually i was supposed to sleep by this time. And meanwhile my eyes were so heavy i feel like i need to show you guys few of my collection. So this would be a lot of pictures with caption. Here you go, for the first thing i would like to show you is the thing that came along with the DHL package but it was forgotten by me. Dang here you go
Luke Ma no hands!
It suppose to join the other things back in my DHL post. I like the idea of having this Mickey mouse Star Wars is that Michelle likes Star Wars, and i called Michelle as Mickey from the time i decided to call her by nickname. This thing resembles her fully. Till i saw this somewhere on the internet

Mickey Tron what can i ask more

Well this is the ultimate item for me then. This item was so me, i like tron and i like "Mickey" in term to Michelle, so this item resembles it all. At the first time i saw this i was hoping around the desk and trying to place an order at amazon but it's hell expensive at first it was $65 but then someone bought it till now there's just $99 Mickey Tron. Then i go to local toy store, this thing still mint in box and i got 40% off for this figure i got it for about $43 or about Rp 420.000 not bad huh? Let's keep on going

A Darth Vader Lego which is kinda rare nowadays. It's $5 lego Magnet, i took off the magnet so i can get the vader as himself not a refrigerator Vader. If you want to know how here it is. And this Vader doesn't come alone to be a Star Wars lego in my room i got 
Poo or Poo Not! There is no try
Master Yoda, he's my second favorite character before Luke, and guess the third one is! MACE WINDU lolol... Okay don't continue with something fool, lets move on
Star Wars Scaled Helmet Replica and Scaled Blasters
It's all originally i bought to sell again but then i wasn't really sure to sell these things since everything are rare every one of them. Lemme show you one by one
Han Solo Blaster: I got two of these so if you want one i'm Selling it
Look ordinary but you know this shit worth now? A million rupiahs!
The Protocol Droid, C-3PO it said it has a flashing eye. I havent tested it yet
Luke X-Wing Helmet, the one he used to blow the Death Star. I got two also
Commander Gree with a wrong box *giggle. You crazy green trooper
The Clone Trooper, traitor *Fold hands
501st Legion Clone Trooper yet another traitor. Fuck you Anakin... and you Gumby
Boba Fett, you won't believe me that this thing worth $270 now. It's rare
Hmm we passed through the whole Star Wars replicas. Then let's we move on to Tron again, actually i've posted these things but i just want to show every one of them. Here you go
SDCC Exclusive. The difference with the ordinary die cast was a light trail and the dock. And also have more detailed painting
The Holy lightcycle! There's two hole if you notice, there's 3D image. I showed you the image on the previous post
The Classic light cycle! Vintage but still fastest on the grid
These are an Identity Disc that functioned like a frisbee
and you can't throw this because this came with battery and wiring inside it
This one is the only one i bought the two of it, so i can open one of them and will make an external harddrive out of it. What do you guys think? Well this is the picture when the lights on
Movin eh? Lol i fancy this
And then i still got more die casts and action character
I need more diecast. There's a lot of these that didn't came in to Indonesia. Dammit
And i think i'm getting sleepier and can't hold this any longer, well this post been flooded by pictures, and i think some of you that trying to open this having difficulties. But it's been nice sharing the things we love through internet. There's someone someday looking at my post and smile and seeing what is it like to have my point of view like i always do. Or someone that didn't really know me starting to have closer feeling to me because the feel that i've been telling stories to them. Then this post come to an end. Let's all sleep tight and say hello to tomorrow's sun having cornflakes and a glass of milk
Talk later 

I got you 3D Image

Cross your eyes, and you will see the 3D picture. Leave me a comment so i know that you're able to see it or not. It works for me

DHL package order from Amazon

So i woke up this morning without feelin' like P Diddy
i know this is quite early for me to blog a post. Well i'm utterly excited since i was awakened by my house maid and she said there was a package from DHL i need to pay blah blah blah and i read from top to bottom till i found a number 479.000 yepp Rp 479.000
370.000 for customs duty taxes and shit, bank charges 50.000 (i have no idea why there's a bank charges), document charge 20.000 (okay), and duty handling charge 50.000. Ann NO it doesn't end there there's VAT FOR OTHER CHARGES please someone that attending at Accountant school explain this to me why in the hell i need another Value Added Tax since i paid this DHL from states a stunning $97. Hell yeah $97 i can bail anywhere with that money.

Pile of shi... I mean boxes
So the first thing i do when the package came i took my cutter i was opening one of them when i reminded to take a picture of it all so the first thing i open was

Atari Tron vintage Deadly Disc game Ad from 1983

well i love it so far it looks vintage, i looks cool, the color was vibrant and the package was nice. then i opened another bag which is

PicoPSU the tiniest PSU in the planet
it's Pico PSU. You know it's for computer stuff while ordinary computer have a PSU the size of your lunch box i got it as a size of matchbox *oh youngsters you and your technology (Grannies). It's actually for my Nintendo PC project, i ordered this since no one is selling this stuff here oh ManggaDua people you and your uncreative mind (Mr.Cocky). Well we move on to the next thing...
Limited edition SDCC tron bearbrick
See it's the same thing but with the Comic Con sticker
WHYYYYY WHYYYYYYY... This is a limited edition of 1500 tron bearbrick from San Diego Comic Con International festival, and he removed the sticker, it looks less worthy now. WHYYYY WHYYY. Well let's move onto the next one! 
Tron Vintage Flynn Action Figure 20th Anniversarry
And this got a hole on the top of it, It broke, till i can take the figure out of the box. WHYYYYYYY WHYYYYYY *Crying like best cry ever

well i'm super dissapointed. So let's move onto the next one
Original Star Wars VHS  New Mint Condition
Hmm this kinda tame my rage since it really looks good and i spent $1 each. Not bad for a thing came from 1987. It's actually the original Star Wars VHS. This Star Wars VHS rereleased before they decided to change the title into "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" and you ain't gettin this anywhere nowadays. *giggle. Youngsters you and your.... erm let's just move onto the next box
Yet another tron Flynn Figure

I didn't upload this image wrongly. But i got another Flynn figure which in a better condition, and without a hole of course. Well (sratch head) erm... This is odd *AFK (Call sex line and cry deeply).

30 minutes later...

*Wipe tears.

I'm back. So this is odd, i got two of these and one of this had a dull box, is there anyone want to buy this? LOL. Okay let's move to the next one
A poor "The Adventure of Link" Nes game

Well i don't expect much from this thing since i will unscrew this thing and use the package to put a hard drive in it for my Nintendo PC project. Wait... i feel pity on this socket... hmm Okay then i'll order another one later on. Next thing i got
A Vintage Tron poster still in box. Sorry i can't open it, too afraid
It kinda looked like this

Vintage Tron 1983
Hmm i think that's all the stuff i got this day, let's take a shot of them all

Lol if you want to order a lot of stuff from another country i suggest you to prepare the tax and the Freight, shipping to door cost
i gotta tell you i spent $97 for the DHL from Oregon to the airport, and from the airport to my door i spent another $62
While my order was just around $190
Well that's it for this time. I'll talk a little bit more here i promise

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear, Someone out there

Dear, someone out there
you used to tell me jokes everyday laugh every minute
tell me how to find a girl or give me comments
you used to help me everyday wake up in the morning and get me to school
we used to share hobby or helping each other of their hobbies
you're here on the window but you're not you anymore

Dear, someone out there
when you spent more time with your beloved one, you don't know everyone loves you want to spent most of the time with you

Dear, someone out there
I finally met someone and he's like my brother, we share same hobbies, he's beside me most of the time and even we look alike
i have another you
but he's not here anymore. He's gone for ever

Dear, someone out there

A lot of prayer goes to you, i'm sure that none of your prayer goes toward me
because you told me that i don't mean a thing in your life

Dear, someone out there
Sure apology is easier to say, and a sorry isn't easy to do if you are
words is easier to say than you do
and i prefer doing than saying

Dear, someone out there
i hope you understand, that i never forgive you