Friday, May 20, 2011

Smithsonian Red Flags for One White Turkey Bottle

I don't have any interest into fashion and not having the extra money to
i think what looks good is when i saw the mirror and everything looks safely collided
i like to use jeans the heavily ripped one and repaired skinny jeans that comfier after i'm joining gym
i thought i've passed just fine but i didn't i failed in one of my subject

I thought i've given all i got but i didn't
all this time i didn't do it for myself, i'm doing it for somebody else
that's where i think there's a weight obliged to me

Sometimes i wonder to myself why can't i get a good score, doing just fine at school, and get semester fee discount. I have no fucking idea as i grumbled like oil on water
why can't i be more how much effort that i should put into till i'd be just fine
i remember that time i'm looking towards my lecturer his voice filling the room he mentioned about integrals and differentials, but the voices in my head were louder

I can't help my mouth saying random things to my neighbor just a chit chat and chuckles, one chuckles and i realize my smile curve has straighten up as i heard the voices from my lecture going towards me and hand me a black Snowman marker he said

"Solve the third problem"

i nodded i asked the person in my back to quick taught me on that number. As he explained i catch just a stutter of what he mean, what it suppose to understand and i hate myself more. But then i doesn't last long, i manage understanding that more and go to the board wrote it up.

Expert said "People will be happier if they put their effort towards easy things that they like, that made studying even more fun because they put no effort on liking it, but concentrate on making it better" kinda make me rethink about possibilities. I always like to fix things i like to make things better

I do thought about being a music producer but i was wrong. I do think that music is my passion but it sometimes can't beat the feeling of owning something new, some toys, new present, new car, new earrings, new bag, new bike, new mobile phone, new technology.

I paddle the chair mated with cycle cardio exercise tool, i read my eBooks. TVs and other almost 20 to 30 same thing surrounds me, the TVs showing news MTV and other informative channel. I saw a girl behind me and i wonder what does she think when she ran, does she thinking the same thing as me like manage breathing, add more speed or thinking about the show that Star World showing “Don't Stop Believing" and never ending choir singing in my head every time i saw that title. But i know what i will do, i always know it will happen. If my friend said "Don't worry to dream big because God heard" i'd better say "Don't worry to dream big, because when you dream, your every action leads you toward that dream" hmm fair enough.

I know that someday there will be an Electronic Device company that delivers the originality, characteristic, that will represent it own brand. Like when i said Sony you will know how Sony's electronic devices shaped. It's obvious like my mom knows the difference between Hermes bag and YSL. They both bag but there must be a characteristic at each bag. I know that the multinational company will grow and will be big. Mostly i want it to represent Indonesia. It will be a challenge at that day to grow a product that fulfill the nationwide need of electronic appliances and yet still have it's own superb quality. Damn sick!

I know someday i will laugh about this writing, but someday i will know that this is the start of big things that will happen. Please smile, and enjoy your time. Remember to sip some tea, and enjoy the quality of your morning pancake

Sincerely, younger you