Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Saw That Rotten Heart of Yours. So...It Wasn't a Fairy Tale.

Maggots, dismembered body parts, unfathomable dismay.
Life's a roller coaster they said. And words were fade away.
None of things one can do to reconstruct the pain one caused. As lies has been spoken, conspiracy of the absolute truth.
The noisy screaky whiny ghost troubles minds of the phosporus neuron.
Specially tailored currency paper apparatus causes the twin collide and burn into ashes.
I can recall the most vivid memory of the designated moment.
The designated moment been twisted, bended and called "flaw"
And words... shall not prevail.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tattoo Artist And The Weed He Breathe.

I hate to accept that a part of growing up is the inability of everyone to accept you as a friend. It's now a choice of stranger or someone with a special lust.
Growing up in this society makes you lost yourself, your sanity. You focuses on the world out there.
The "world out there" is the world that you can think there would be a better life for you. In that "world" you can be someone else with another name, also change your ID cut your hair, find a girl, tell your stories.
Being a grown up is all about laughter in a conversation with a tint of flirtation. Getting laid on the weekends, getting bored with routine, and eats just to satisfy your stomach.
Growing up is having people around you smoking while you yourself struggling to bear with the poisonous smoke. It's not the social smoker. It's killing yourself slowly just to talk with your friends.
Growing up is all about forgetting what used to meant a lot to you, left it behind and moving on with something new. It's a cycle that happens over and over.
Growing up is about losing your best friends. Some died, some get married, some got a job, and some going to somewhere you can't pronounce.
Growing up is all about get to know people, and stick with them for some fun.
Growing up is like a pattern. You work hard everyday like a robot, and rest on the weekends.
Growing up is all about getting chicks and having sex, get drunk, sip drugs and forget what happened yesterday.
Growing up is about struggling to get recognition from the rest of the world.
Growing up is an option, age is just a number.
Growing up is to survive.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Due to my college major I have to swing my wand and put this blog in a spell magically made this blog part of my assignment. So there will be a lot of tech jargons and I won't give in depth information of it.
So enjoy