Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beauty Only Skin Deep When You Shallow With The Shower

Life turn around and had a really hard bank up overnight. No more sad stories since me and my new buddy had a chit chat about the social pattern between men and women. Now, I've been meeting this 3 different lovely girls. One thing they have in common, short Hair.
I am more well determined, i will chase my dream and really focus towards there. Well, It'll be really fun if someone can give me support, back rub, praise
Would you be the one?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Should I Listen To Your Command? Should I Understand?

I have to completely honest to myself why should i have to be so shy. It keeps holding me back from being a better person. But i will work on that sure soon i'll be happier with myself.
I don't know if i saw a really really attractive girl and should i went to her and ask her her name? That's actually my last option some people consider that as impolite wtf? So what should i do? Take off my shirt and dance? Or be like "Hi cutie what's your numbah? and she crashed her car and died. I saw a really cute girl i have a thing for a tan and slim girl and short haired girl. Well short haired girl is always be my weakness for all this time it always catches my eyes.
Speaking of catches my eyes. My pupils are dillated now and i seem lost my shyness for a while with a help of my favorite thing "cannabutter" it helps a lot. I just made some lately and it tastes bliss. I dunno maybe i shouldn't write my things here but i don't have someone to talk to anymore, somewhere to write down things, something that i could trust. Phew i guess when life hits you hard you could just say "fuck you life" and it keeps going to be better.
I know my dating life and stuff doesn't work well i think because it is not meant to be working or am i making it to be like that. But who knows. I can't decide what should happen but i can make things work the way i wanted to.
I should've love myself more probably.
keep dreaming keep writing

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Just An Invitation For A Lunch. Not Trying To Take You From Your Spouse

I had some short term memory loss. The real one. The one you can't remember what you did like Tom in 50 first date "Hi! I'm Tom" take care of yourself Tom. Listening to the whole album of Lana Del Rey, i don't really like the darkish atmosphere she brought along but every time i hear her songs always take me back to around 60's atmosphere sophisticated, classic, and with a mix up of modern thumping beats. I've been listening to Lana Del Rey for this last week not because i can't pass a day without listen to her songs but i have no more good songs to listen to.
I always put my mask to make people look to the good side of me but i think again why should i? Why should i make things harder if i could make it easier. Son of a bitch it collapses all purposes
I burned out my daily journal guess i wont be looking any further for a writing space I'm going to write all the things that I had been thinking, wondering, doing and all of my subconscious will me poured in here.
I'll be back to write things for my own pleasure. I love writing things to i even wanted to be a writer once since most of the people said so. So i thought "Why not?"
Talking of random things, i actually had been thinking for a while of why am i always ran out of luck? Why does most of the time luckiness wasn't on my side. Sucks? Yes. That is a darnful thing that you can't get what you want but yet you don't always get what you want. I'd rather live my life dangerously than feeling settled and safe the all time.
I just made another cannacake and it's been quite sometime I don't use it anymore. It feels bliss but not as fun as i can remember or i forgot how it was actually felt. Yeah this is the leftover effects. I'm not really in a good mood but not sad also. I even write this down while smiling. 
I should apply my visa geez procrastination always occurs in some time we don't really need it's how we fight our self back or you are beaten up by yourself. You choose.
I guess I'm too tired remembering that i will be on a Compact semester in a few days. I haven't got a chance to rest well and enjoy my vacation. I hope i could do all the things i want and gather the energy to.
keep dreaming, keep writing

Song of the day: Unrequited Love - Lykke Li
I love this song but i just discovered how sad this song was. I lipsync to this song while smiling and replicated Jesus statue in Brazil