Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Does Your Eyes Flickering Like Crazy When The Rockets Struck Your Eyes

I think i like someone. . .

She's not that good nor bad. She's the way she is. She is the one i think when i close and open my eyes. She's the one that makes my heart races.
Making straight faces, fooling around, and talk to for hours.
She's the one that keeps telling me that I'm the best when i did the worst.
She is the one, that hugs me shameless just to make me smile.
She is the one, that hugs me shameless
She's the one, that hugs me
She's the one

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Level 42

I love my Dad for introducing me to this band
He always listens to great tunes when i was still in the elementary school
Bread, Level 42, The Eagles, Deep Purple, The Zombies, Tee Set, Joe Cockers, The Bee Gees, George Benson, Ozzy and stuff.
He is heavy to rock and Jazz
love it


Couple of weeks ago i heard about the band Mew coming to town. I always like them, and always been adoring them. I don't know why i feel this way. Why am i afraid of the thought of watching them. Why should i? Why the most favorite sounds in my life that have been bringing me this way have to make me afraid of enjoying them. Why should i?
Why am i afraid of listening to them all this time? I don't know why.

I remember the last time everyone asked me to watch them live. I didn't
and hearing them coming is never make me this nervous, afraid at the same time.
I don't know why.

Is this because when you listens to some songs and the tunes brings back a lot of memories in one single song, sounds, and beats or am i just simply nervous.
I faced a lot of things that make me nervous. I don't think that this is nervous.
I think this is something else.

Or may be this is the stage of when you left behind a lot of old things, put it in a box, and trying to forget it, and somethings remind you about the old things that you left behind.

I've been trying to forget my past, and what I've done a couple of years back.
I don't want to remember them nothing at all.
But i think it's useless.

Don't you think when you have no history, then you've become something that can't make a history. Something that can't left a mark in a history of the world. Like a tiger died, withers and left the marks. Like an elephant that dies, left the tusk.
We are all do wan't to be remembered that way.

Actually, I've lost my vibes and interest in new things.
Is this what it's called growing up.
You left the complicated things, and start on with a simpler things. Left the complicated things, and you move onto the activity, and stuff that helps you going through life.

What life is exactly, what it is suppose to mean?
I recently saw a videos about Extra Terrestrial being has been working with the Canadian government, and always believe that aliens exist. I mean. What they called as genie, and spirits could be them. I mean come on people.
We're too selfish to say that we're living alone in the whole universe. We can't be really alone in the goddamn universe and i believe that was true.

too tired. I'm done