Friday, August 9, 2013

There's a thin mistaken line between Fate and Luckiness

As the time goes by i learned that i am not the selectee nor am i destined to be with someone
Nothing in this world make a statement that we're destined to be with someone, doing something, be at one particular place or something made the arrangement for us for been at some particular place.
We as human has made the choice, decided to be somewhere, and desired to be with someone.
Fate itself just did it's role as a form of your name, your parents, and where you were borned.
You can't change that.
That was 3 things that fate gave us
Place where you were born. You can't choose where you were born like picking a clothes that you like. You can't change that either. Only with some legal paper but it is inevitable that the origin of you were.

Parents, yes you can't choose them either. You can't choose with whom you were raised and get acquainted to. You can't choose some cool rockstar that lived somewhere in Hollywood or somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You are here, with some money to access internet with your cool phones and quite lucky to have all of that.

Name, because it's inevitable that you were born with a designated name. You can't ask your parents to pick some cool name for you. Sadly, no.

But yes, other than that 3 were you choice. It's your call, your effort. Yes you can change that.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Victory, The Rush

People forgiving each other
The roads are crowded
People came back to their homes with their families inside their head
The roads are crowded so does the air. It's full of noises
People are outside their homes. Celebrating what they call it as "the Victory"

People are inside their homes just to gather with their loved ones or just simply getting their time.
People are busy with their phones or just watching Raging Chopper Man in Discovery Turbo
People don't know how to spend their time with their loved ones
Or just fixing the stuttering words on their numb tongues.
People are numb just like their tongues
And people are dumb not to show love to their loved ones