Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Tunes is On! Soundcloud, 10:17 AM, and 'That' Cute Girl Laugh

I like meeting new people, working with them, and knew how the way they think. It's like a palette. You combine distinctive colors into one harmonious painting. Spoke itself as one meaning. Like the sounds you hear. The drums roll, the guitar strum, thumping bass, human voice became a glorious song.

You meet different people from different backgrounds work as one with one goal. How sweet it is for a lover. How they came from different human beings, and met, agreed in one same goal. Work harmonious, support each other, complete each others words while the other lost it's words.

But meeting new people sometimes harder when not everyone you met doesn't open to new people.
When you meet new people, and you felt afraid, and judged them before you don't even try to know them. How horrible way to treat people when we live in one earth, and need to socialize. Because we are social beings.

I need to stop now. Lotta works ahead