Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Blabber

Yet another obstacle occurred. Sometimes when people took me half hearted, i prove them wrong.
I'm stuck in the middle between work and hobby. I don't think hobby and work does not get along fine. It should be somewhere we found it collides in harmony. Where we admire the joy of doing something we love and people appreciate.
Does it something unreachable so it's so hard to get into it? 

At most point of my life i don't want to do anything beside playing drums. I love to play drums. It made me forget about all things. It made me feel good. Feel that i was alive and well. A feeling that you can not exchange with something. I don't care if it hurts my fingers because i can put any bandage on my finger and keep playing. I love the feeling of hitting the drum and gets a sound, vibration feedback from it. I don't want to do anything beside drumming.

But the problem is everyone thinks it's a hobby. Can i just make it a business where i can keep on playing drums and people appreciate it?
Or make a band and trying to meet several people to do it.
I'm in the process to find the perfect people to do music. 
Or. Only if only i could. I should do it by myself!
Man that's the greatest idea alive!
Man i gotta work on something!