Friday, September 12, 2014

Stiff Neck Has Led Him Into a Worser Transformation. We Need to Stop Him From Killing People.

I fisted my wall over and over. 

It hurts

It hurts so much that it bled a little on some knuckles.

It's the sign that I'm alive.

Alive and well.

It's been a little too much imagination.
I don't know which are real which are fiction.

It's been a terrifying moment in my life. But yet, I've never been so much better.

It's been a bad hangover
and i want to fully wake up.

It's been a chaotic occurrence
and it's time to wake up. 

Relevancy Goes Through our Veins While Everyone's Heading to That U.F.O. Unbelievable

Things corrodes inside my body slowly destroys it into matter.
Crashes into smaller particles, explodes, vanishes.
Things, stirs emotion. 
Touching the very deep part of the emotion itself.

Things, has going on inside. While it was okay, i keep wanting more than this.
More than this. There is a place where i can feel life is more alive where life is less lifeless where my eyes to be more alert to everything that revolves around.

Life is where we make money, get a lot of it, and take the rest of our life to spend it off. What's the point of making a lot of it and spend it later. It's like you binge eat in the morning and decide don't take anything until the moment you close your eyes. 

So where are we going when we are working? 
What are we trying to achieve?
What is the ultimate goal?

The recognition of the yourself is the ego.
Recognition, like an elephant with their tusk, tigers with their pattern.
The recognition of the hard work is.
When we give something to our work, that's when we get something from the art itself.
The art of indirect interaction.
Action - reaction.