Sunday, January 10, 2016


It's been a day that i havent got any sleep. The last second ticks just about time, like it aways do, like it suppose to.
It's been too many movies i watched and too many politics going on the movies. 
Then i got out of my room and go to the kitchen to fry and egg. 
The news is on about a nuclear war. I just can't tell which one is true or which one is not. Is it a fact or a fiction?
Should we live on fear
Or we fight against it

Speaking of fear there is a first on everything. You fear of getting to know that cute girl on the corner and you can just conquer you fear and say hi and go talk to her. The first time won't be easy you sweat you trembled but you will get used to it when you make it like it's not a big deal. Life is about learning and you should widen your comfort zone.

And the ultimate question in life is do you want to leave a mark, a dent in this earth like an elephant with his tusk, a tiger with their skin? If you are agree with that you need to make your own tusk. The tusk that is so beautiful and it will be a legacy. Every person is amazed by it and that's how it goes because you don't have a tusk, you need to think what tusk that is worth leaving to the next generation. I think that is the ultimate answer to the purpose of life.