Sunday, August 21, 2016

dotan saguy is following me he is one of the photographers around

There is always something better than you own now. There is always someone better than that someone you met on that perfect day when the sun shine brightest and the night is cherished by the stars and the moon. There will be always something better than you thought sits on top of the mountain of your feelings the best of the best from what you think is the best.

I was those who do not know about the concept of marriage. I don't know what is the point of sharing your life with someone and then you end up losing your freedom, no more money for hobby, no more hanging out with your friends, no more traveling solo, no more sipping coffee alone in a random coffee shop, and it will be more disastrous when there is money involved. What is the fucking point of marrying someone that kept you as prisoner for the rest of your life. You are less free. Less free from doing anything you want. You will lose everything you know that was fun. It took away your whole life. You stop. You stop finding yourself, stop chasing your dreams, throw away your dream to a music career, stop building a custom lightsaber, and dresses more formal. You just simply lose your true self. I mean fuck! Nobody wants to be on that stage of life. I wanted to be happy and chase those dreams of mine and that means more happiness in me.

but then something happens

There will be a time when you met someone, it might be the one you less expected or you might expect it and believe. You might have been waiting for her for the rest of your life. There will be a time when you talk to her, you will be dazzled by the inexplicable frequency of jokes that you make, the sounds you screamed, and the gestures that you did. It all magically understood by someone. It was surreal and at the same time comforting to met someone that knows you more than the eye. They understand you as if directly to your soul. You know when you see her. You admire her. You love her smile, you love her hair style, you love her big eyes. Those red blush that she made on her cheek, and that hair bun that she put on. The sound of her voice is the sounds that made you happy and excited inside. Then all you wanted to do is just to keep her smile. You want her to be happy and you want to make sure of that. You want to make sure she is treated right, she is healthy, she's in the best condition that she should've deserve. Yes you want to make sure of that. You want to make sure she gets all the best things in the world.

Then you came to a realisation. It came like a lightning strike and you would think that she is "the one" but is she feel the same way. Then you asked and found out that she felt the same way like you do. It was an unexplainable feeling. It makes you act like a fool. Yes you are a fool now. You know when you look at her it was that smile that you want to look forever. It was those laughter that you want to decorate your life with. There is someone who can push you going after your dream, and make you the best version of yourself.

It's such a good feeling to love or to be loved. Such a great feeling to be able to do that.
And I'm grateful about it everyday on my life.