Saturday, January 31, 2009


2 years ago i never imagine that i could become like this
Started when i know about fried chicken (The almighty and only one McDonald's Sarinah), i don't really remember what's my age at that time, maybe i think 3 or 4 like that
my body fat double itself because the support of fried chicken
i have a pic for visualization
1. before 15 my weight is about 89 Kg
2. On 15 - 16 my body weight is about 76 Kg
3. When i was 17's my body weight is about 68 Kg
4. Now my average body weight is about 60 Kg

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Singer, The Guy With Similar Clothes With Mine, and a Girl With Them

I saw my crush walking by just about 3 hours ago
She's looks exactly like what i remembered, nothing's wrong with her
except she walking with her...
don't know who wether he is her ex, formal boyfriend, or else now
ya i feel a little disappointed but i am grateful i can see her face once again this day
I shouldn't have feel like this because i don't really close to her but i just wanted to start a relationship to her as myself
Nah forget it i just need friends, i mean a lot of lot of friends
go on add my facebook won't you? hahaha

I Didn't Ask Much But Why Nude Models Always Pretty

I just Googling on google image finder, and found this cute girl pic that fortuitously a nude model
She's cute doesn't she? I think she's gorgeous
Hahaha speaking of models, what do you think about dating models?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grab a Camera and Shoot at Anything Being Used Recently

In due my camera borrowed by my brother, i can't take a pic at anything, so i remember my aunt have a Nikon D70 camera so i take it, and shoot at several items that i used recently
WTFFFF! Its inverted by itself
Nah it's k, looks like Warhol stuff 
What a nice error 
Whoa i found this error caused by photoshop 
i will give you the original inverted image so if you curious about what pic is it save it and invert yourself! 
Really fun *tip finger

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That 8 bit guitar now on my hand

Because of i keep thinking about the guitar i decided to share the price with my dad so i give him 250 bucks, and he bought it. But before i give him the money he said "Help me take that box beside the closet" and i saw my mom were praying in front of the closet. So i wait for a moment
And after she finished her prayer, i took the box that written "ESP"
and then i rape it hahaha
take a look
8 bit? 
if you wonder why i said this is an 8 bit guitar 
here i give you a zoom in

if smart people were boring, beautiful people weren't smart

So when i saw this girl she was attracting for me and looks like not just myself feels like that, because her social webpage full with several guys giving her a sweet comment.
so i decided to take a shortcut and make it fast, i ask her IM account and she gave me. We talk a lot of stuff until i ask her phone number either she ask my number too and she said she wanted to call me about an hour from now. She called, i can hear her soft voice over the phone we talk a lot and i feel she is interesting. The until the next 2 weeks we texting each other every minute. 
but God creates every ego with it's own value
at first i ask a name which i predict is her boyfriend, and she said he just her ex and now they close each other, i trust her
As time goes by i keep my trust on her.
i ask her to go out but she said she had to leave this town on next day so she had to prepare everything this day. That's reasonable
Later i saw her another social webpage shown she was in a relationship to someone.
And then i ask her "Did you lie to me?" she said "Lied about what?" i said "Lied about your relationship with him" she said "I didn't! It's true we were close, but we going back together and the truth is i am on relationship with him from the first time you know me"
and she is attractive no more just in one phrase

Deaf days, weird days

My left ear feels like blocked up by something, like when you swim or take a bath the water sometimes stuck in the inner ear parts but the difference is this blockage didn't vanished till almost a week.
I can't hear a sound loudly from my left ear. But i didn't catch up cold nor flu
so it leaves a big question mark to me
maybe it's invected

Mooooooobile Phone

I bought a new Google G1 phone last december

this phone is awesome it can browse the web, IM, Camera (surprisingly good on taking white board pic because i kind of lazy to write it on directly), GPS, Can be used to make a call or texting sms *though, and oh there is a clock on the main screen!

the QWERTY keyboard help me to write this blog without tire out with ordinary keypad
its originally sleek just imagine the display cover up the keyboard part, don't think you can't call someone when it is closed, because the screen is touchable.

Monday, January 19, 2009

and i said to God if there is a love, show me one

Love, is an unusual hormone activities that cause people happy and feel hysteria. Love closely related with lust, even said so. So let's say Love = Lust

Think again how many times you kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend with lust within, and that doesn't mean no chance for to get up to bed. Listen, love isn't there when you get laid
according to what i've seen me there are only 2 types of person you'll met
the first there were a time when you will met someone and you think he/she is cute and you want to be closer with them, you want to spend most your time with them, and you will be thinking about them every moment. That is not love, that's the feeling of wanting someone. 
the second type is the one that you as often as not met them occasionally and as time goes by, you'll feel she/he is different (you feel something different about him/her), and that often we said as accidentally in love. That's because your feelings are grow when you often met them. You like them because you used to saw them
ya i know about our parents blah blah.. They live together in time not because of love, it's knotted by marriage and marriage is a commitment. Marriage is a politic

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Live in United States is Just Rewind The Time and We Will Back to The 2002

Walking all day with my dad was a fun activity
at first we go to music store, it always be our habit to try almost every guitar with a good shape on every music store. So we look around and i pick Slayer's Jeff Hanneman's guitar, Alexi Laiho shark fin guitar, MHs series guitar which is used by Protest the Hero in several music video, and many other guitar models. We ultimately choose at Jeff Hanneman's JH200 guitar, i like it because of the 8 bit style pattern what they call digital camo he like it because that guitar is the best sounding guitar there *He said the sound is sharp (approximately 520 bucks).
We continued our trip to mall and we drank Orange Julius, i had an original orange juice and he had 3 berries mixed i really thank God we go there because i saw a girl sat in the corner with green dress, her legs wrapped with a black stocking and she crossed her leg which is attracting. I thought she was a high school student because her freshness aaaah hahaha
but i decided to got to supermarket, and grab some soymilk to forget where my imagination goes

But that's not what i wanted to talk this time

When i talk with my dad about his job, and his early life in Baltimore, i found something really leave a big disturbance and remorseful in one time
At first he talk about his scholarship that given from Gates foundation that have 3 years program which is 1 year on educating and 2 years on work
and then lightly said "That's why once i said we had to move along to Baltimore"
i shut my mouth for a moment, my past memories came on like a big flashback
and i said 
"Wait... Do mom had talk about this to my teachers before?"
and he said "Yeah she had talk about this to them, we even have the letter that said we had to move there"
My memories came back again. No wonder on 8th grade my teachers always said "You wanted to continue your study to the states do you?"
i really really doesn't know that it really does
and my dad continued said about he had looked a school for me and my siblings, and a house for us to live in
and i think
"How wonderful it is to have my High school time on the states"
"How wonderful it is to live on the states that time"
"How wonderful it is to have a wonderful friends there"

yeah it is wonderful