Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are you busy because he was. Oh don't really mind it busy is his middle name

Today's topic is about recognition. Recognition from family, people around you, larger area, and for every single people wants is the world.
I know someone who have no feeling at all. Never say tired nor exhausted she always do things with all the devotion of her mind and body. Something bothers me when she talks about her profession she always think that being a doctor is a must and she'll struggle doing that no matter what. "This is for my mother and father" she said. "This is my attempt to make them proud" i respect that.

Another one is someone i know really close, whom happens to have a lawyer father. He promised his father one day that he'll be greater lawyer than him and i always want to see him rise to the sky and when he pops out on the TV i could said "That's my friend" . But he was mistaken about what he wants, he wasn't sure about what  he wants up until last year. He's studying art in Bandung now, and his dad very proud of him.

What happens in those two stories are sometimes we are mistaken about what we feel and what we really want. Sometimes we are mistaken about why, and what. Sometimes we are mistaken about possessing and loving, sometimes we are not sure about what we really, really feel but if we follow our emotion, it might drives you to the wrong path.

Sometimes i heard my close friends that made high salary and whining about how much they hate what they are doing since when first he decided to go to college, he doesn't really know what we want. He wants to be recognized by his family because he can really manage to do it. He's accountant graduate, but his passion is to draw and design.

I was mistaken for a year to be a doctor. But i don't want to wake up in mid 30's and wondering "Holy shit why am i being a doctor!" i don't want to regret of something that I've been struggling and found out some years later that i don't like, have any passion in, love the thing that I'm working on. When i struggle hard to like something, that's when i said to myself "This isn't your thing". It's okay to fail some subjects, just keep focus on what you like and what you love and people will recognize you from what you are able to do.

Happy finals my friends!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deer thorn's on the hallway. Oh that's young Steve's!

Intimidation of intimacy consumes the very core of myself. I have wondered why it fades away is it by the wind or the sound of your voice. You're the one to blame for this state of unsolicited desires, voiceless screams, crying heart. Vaguely wanderer I am or am I?