Monday, April 27, 2009

Not That Average Apple

I almost let my tears come out this morning
and that caused by a dream *phew it was only a dream

The story goes like this in my dream my brother and my cousin were playing something and they needed a plate to cut something and as i remembered that is my notebook
After they cut that thing, surely i wanted to use my laptop without worries
but after i opened the display area it sliced from back to the front and the display hanging loose in a separate parts so you can let your finger out through the display to the front cover

What a horrible dream. I still having a goosebumps

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Copy Paste From My Old Friendster Page :D

And i want you to put a bit attention about animal torturing
As we know animal distributing from animal farm is not
ordinary as you imagine like in the fairy tale

Every animal smiling and give their milk or egg to the farmer? D'oh...

You know, the truth about animal factory they torture them first before they cut a part of their body alive and in a conscious condition

please give a bit attention to them
please visit PETA2 flash introduction take the vegetarian petition
save the animal and call yourself an environmentalist

I Just Realize That I Need You

Look at My Jeans

Looks useless when i put it up like this but i almost can't live without it
it's the only Jeans i have
I slip almost everything trough it like money, mobile phone, my drugs, sterile eye drops, specs, guitar picks, drum sticks, cd's,*ahem rubber ahem*
it never washed from the moment i bought it
and i used this Jeans almost everyday
i'm afraid if one day it cannot be wear
because it's really hard to find another one that fits fine

sounds like your boyfriend/girlfriend eh?

This is Unbearable Miko, Can't Hold It

It is an awkward feeling to saw a girl's eyes glittering
and it's not a pleasant view

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Finished Make a Facebook Page :D

Oh dude the profile badge is ULTRA UGLY so here it is i'll give you the link

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's Imagine and There's Feel. There's Both Used To Read This

I'll let you choose

Just imagine/feel,
that you are a person whose hard to fall to someone
and someday you met someone which you think he/she is attractive enough for your eyes only
just for your eyes
and a second after you threw it away as far as you can
because you think it is ridiculous, you can't get her/him in term of you think you are an ugly duckling, you feels that you have nothing special

Years gone by you met that person in random and you changed
Totally changed you knew it
he/she exactly like you remembered exactly what you like
and in exact shape that you've been dreaming all the time
he/she turns up to recognize you in person
she looks happy to see you again in this condition
and you surprised that he/she able to recognize you
you ask her for a coffee or two
"Sure!" he/she replied
You feel that a fireworks played in rhythm with your heart and feeling become one as you walk the path to the coffee shop beside him/her
The clock feels ticking slowly
and Your stomach seems don't friendly this time
say hi to the grandma florist!
and a coffee shop still a coffee shop
you said something funny, he/she laugh
and on and on
the most important thing is he/she with you and you can see him/her as long as you can let out an interesting subject
Sleeping pills wont work this time but a message from him/her come says "Goodnight" will be your sleeping pills all night for a months forward
Like what you always do you'll be in a duty for your work to do
you'll be gone for a while and as busy as you used to be you can't reply a message even hear the phone rang
but the phone rang he/she calls to make sure you alright
and you said "i miss you" you mean it
and he/she said "Take care"
you will beat up all of your task restless

Mark the calendar till the day you will meet up with him/her
You will confess how do you feel with him/her just to make him/her know
you came back to the city take a deep breath
call him/her just wanted him/her to know that you came back
make an appointment it's 8:50
you will met up in 40' minutes from now
cross the road from the opposite side of coffee shop
and there's grandma florist!
say hi to her!
but she whispers something "Young boy/girl i saw your boyfriend/girlfriend walk happily with someone 2 days ago and i think they are engaged because i saw one of them kneel and give a ring to another"
You laughed because she maybe just a forgetter babbling old grandma
Beep* Beep* he/she texted you "Hey remember 9:30! Don't be late to get to the coffee shop!"
so you sit at the coffee shop and ask for a glass of water to calm you down
5' minutes more she will show up
You soaked in your daydream about her and how deep you both fall one to another
but far in your hollow gaze someone you might know come up
There he/she is! But he/she with another guy/girl
You try to hide your angst behind and try to saw his/her gorgeous face
but there three of you sit there
but there's the ring! In her finger
but the good news is he/she said a little story
"I met this guy/girl recently and it's crazy were both in love!"
Here they come! One of them show the ring!
and you'll be in agony
but all you can say is
"Is it that fast? With somebody new?"
but he/she said something that all he/she need is your understanding

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Never Thought You Came In and Seems Like Everything Will Be Easy Now

Yeahhoo! I got my Sidekick
hahaha and you would say that the title have no connection at all to the writing

Friday, April 3, 2009

Do You Know This is The Simplest Post?

did you know?

1. Usually i don't drip my toothbrush after applying a full tooth paste
it feels fresher and cleaner when you brush without dripping it
2. I think i Philophobic
3. I think some people call me sissy on my back
4. I think i picky at choosing friends because i'm afraid they bought me to wrong direction
5. Often i think i am Crazy
6. And i don't scare if someday i will be crazy
7. I'd rather be crazy than do suicide
8. Mainly my clothes are White, Black, and Grey
9. I have a short attention span
10. If i being somebody else and meet myself i will hate him for having cocky attitude
11. I currently playing guitar, but actually more comfortably in drums
12. I have playing drums for about 6 years now
13. I like the way how Ozzy Osbourne talks, but i don't wish to be him
14. I am being single for about 19 months
15. Actually i like someone uhm two, three (four)?
16. The thing i would spend my money foolishly is Earphones/Headphones!
17. Currently need friends :(
18. Unconsciously sometimes i acting foolishly or crazy in front of mirror like yelling and laugh till my ass out
19. Usually i like to go mall and use the toilet JUST TO USE THE TOILET