Monday, January 9, 2012

Vintage Tron I Thought Was Never Coming

Like i never expect this box came out of nowhere at my house. I have no hope that this box will coming and i thought i was being tricked by this ebay guy that i've been giving my rude words.
S. Allard i'm so sorry for the accusation
It was about May I've ordered vintage Tomy Tron via ebay for $250 and $50 shipping. I was a huge money waster that time.

US Postal service work in slow motion. 7 months people!
This is an ultra rare Tron Toys since this toys is the first production. Every character has been sold of 5000 piece each. 

All the toys that had arrived. They might be breathing fresh air now
It was brought together of all the plastic figurine but i missed one. Flynn

82's fastest bike (virtually)
And the other light cycle which was orange
Sark. MCP's right hand. (I guess MCP's left hand is occupied)
Warrior. The Troops
And the Tron itself 
I'm very happy with the arrival of this toys. Now i'm going to find another toys to complete them

A Pleasure To Meet You

Foggy weather,
and all I've done was driving down the road. It was one of the worst road where traffic jam seldom occurred. I was driving and my mind wasn't on the passing and chasing cars but towards a hollow gaze.

"I wanted her... I wanted her But she doesn't like the life that i lead"

I felt so hollow, was starving and in thirst. All i want to do is let out something irrelevant in a inexplicably form of tears. Streamed down as i watch one raindrop had made a passage on my windshield.

"Doesn't like a sand stuck on her feet. Or sitting around smoking weed"

Nothing goes according to plan. None of the prayers are answered and no one really listened. I don't want to cause any trouble. It was a proper invitation and the boldest i've ever done. It made me happy... Only a reply for a coffee.

"And i boast that it is meant to be, but in all honesty"

The affirmative was written on the reply and something has ballet me down all the way for several minutes. Yes stupid... We all are when in love. A total happiness fills my throat all i could do is smiled, and yelled. "Yea if only i have a time for my self also i would say yes. i'll holla" she replied.

"I don't have a hope in hell I'm happy just to watch her move"

It was all happiness remembering that time until now, and remembering how the first time i walk closer to her after hundred days of observation from afar. Finally i came to her and told her that i always see her in the other branch of the book store she works on. She asked me did i saw her often from the later place. I said yes, we were in touch.

"And in all honesty"

One evening i embrace myself and right away i messaged her, was she up for a coffee. And the day changed, on the following morning it was all the things i've felt before all feelings become one in one piece. Like i wanted to shout and laugh at the same time. You want to cry and laugh at the same time. And yet you are sad since you can't do much than expressing it and no one really understand you at that state.

"I don't have a hope in hell I'm happy just to watch her move"

The affirmative stated followed by a statement of notification towards myself when she set the desired time of event to happen. The sung of love, happiness was a friend for me at that time and nothing more i really want than waiting.

"and I thought they could cure his disease"

Waiting for something i really want, and i always adore of. Waiting for something that have never come. Something that wouldn't really happened until the day i saw you gave poems about what love is in a form of a person and how ridiculous she was without that person significantly as a car and wheel, pedophile and a van, and Chaplin without his moustache. Funny she said mustache since i grew mine for a time.

"but in all honesty"

The sung of love and happiness used to be my friend but now they translated as bullshit. Expectation of every upcoming Friday, and Saturday was completely thrown away. All i do is playing video games. I don't really want to do something. Maybe not for now.

"He didn't have a hope in hell"

She have been having a boyfriend as i waiting for her 'holla'. Well i really got nothing to say about it.

"Now we'll never see him move"