Thursday, May 20, 2010

Honey Is That a War Suit? Wait Why Are You Dancing! Oh I See You're That Singer

I'm in the mood to tell you guys a story. I felt comfortable since i know we're not too close neither you're not too close with me. As i I'm typing i see the letters grouping in places, and makes a good sound of words in English.

As I'm typing i remember how much things passing through my head in the same time I'm talking. I'm kind of getting used to when people talk to me like "There you go, you lost again" or give me a strange look like "Dude you're so stupid" I'm so used to it, so used.

Sometimes i wondered when i could prove myself to the people out there, to my Mid School friends, to my High School friends, what I'm adequate to do. What this brain of mine could do. I just want all of the shits out there see me revealing out from the guy you always mock at, until the guy you guys always adore at. Talk shits on my back then you will regret it someday. I believe that

Someday when i am more than what you see "How i am" i would be proud. Seeing your eyes look at me and giving impression like "What the fuck!" and i will look back at you speaks quietly though the stare "Yeah here i am. And you see this. The guy you always give the thumbs down to has become the thing you adore."

Someday the overindulged man would sorry to me. I'm loving my life but in one side I'm in the condition that my surroundings hates me. Thankfully i still got my family. In the end when everything was fucked up we get back to family.

People likes to judge other people from how they appear. Okay let's dress your mama and papa like me and you will say they look like punk, and messy, had a quite messed up life and shits. Talk to my ass man talk to my ass! I'll make you sorry for saying that.

Underestimating, came out when people see me shits and stuff i had no sweat heard them saying "Oh this kid is so much a faggot" "This kid just have a look" "Oh this kid is so cocky i want to beat him up" "Oh this kid is so punk rock. Better stay away" "This kid is so fancy" blah blah and pretty much trafficking my head like flies.

I got no time to rest i hope that i can get a lot of time to life my life rather than playing my Laptop or PlayStation 3. Well i realize how long i've been leaving this blog and write stuff. Because I'm having a real life a real deal and having a girl. Never been this good. Oh ya I'm finally about to go to college, pray for me whoever read this writing till the very last punctuation mark.
You're blessed

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Taco and Beans Shake Your Legs Move Your Feet. Would You Say I'm Wacko If Im In?

Life, keep going like it used to be same routine same old shit been going for the whole time
i even have a thought about leap off a building
have you ever think about leap off a building?

It was probably one of a lot of wonderful way to die
you can just close your eyes, feel the wind blowing through your cheek peace and calm for several seconds and then the next thing you remember probably people shouted, because it would hit the ground so fast and strong we wont felt the actual impact on our body. We just
lost, forever

I've been dealing with this bad insomnia for 5 years it's so frustrating when you need to get a lot of energy for going through the day and you couldn't sleep it's just frustrating. When you need some break from the reality. D'oh i thought fool around would help to reduce my boredom and stress. But i found that i was wrong

I kept spinning in my atmosphere, while I'm hoping a change, i don't. Sometimes God doesn't show that he were there. Or he really weren't exist?

Lately my life filled with laughter, loves, and fun but still there's one.. hurt. Lol i don't know how to say, but "It's your life, you should decide what you want, and where it goes" it stands for a lot of things. It's up to you what you suggest me to do? Because it's your life. etc etc...

Then I'm enjoying my chilli beans, with wheat bread, feels like a dream to eat it i even took my papa just to buy this canned bean. Got no money lol
I would try to collect a huge amount of money like $12.000
you know what for! For a car! Mini Cooper well i'll pay half and the rest let my papa do the kung fu with the dealer. I've been dreaming to have that car omg

Oh the last thing i would mention is i have the most likely ignorant face and expression. It probably disturbing my friends and surroundings but i (I'm lost)
Well since the last time i slept was 2 days ago so I'm losing a lot of my attention control. To prevent me going out to the neighborhood and shout "SPARTAAAAAA" maybe i should take a trip to the pillow land <- Classic

The thing is just. I'm tired

Facing a blank typing field felt like decorating the old trafford just using glue and paper
i had that image that it would look dull but i keep doing it. Well in case i could improve it