Friday, April 22, 2011

Josh Garett. Find a Pitiful Lonely Furry Coat

"I'm the most negative person in the whole planet. I wish i could be invisible without all of the people notice me or remember knowing me
I should be runaway somewhere far and start a new life there. I would be a brand new people"

You've Accomplish This Level. Proceed To The Next Timber?

As usual i'm utterly excited, got butterflies in my tummy and stuff before i open up the blog
well it's been static lately i'm in the middle of mid-term test, lack of studying, i got difficulties though
it's been static. Sometimes people hurt someone without knowing they are. I remember that stare a stare in a full of question, shock, and a will to say something. I remember that time it was breezy and the body temperature rise high. Your mind will politely asking you to lay down but you think you shouldn't i don't know why people say things, why am i too sensitive
It's sad to to get people surprised of what you've been coping and all you can say is "I'm used to it"
People being too sensitive and got offended. Easily triggered, like a book on the edge of the desk you give it a touch it'll fall and when it's steady you got to be really careful.
Everyday should come earlier in order to welcome you need to behold of all things bad, good, evil, etc

the house is empty, yes empty
in fact i'm not in my house i'm alone in someone's house while everyone's out
i miss this feeling
the feeling that you feel infinite, the feeling that make you aware of what would happen next, and what do you want battling arguing with what your condition right now. A battle of wholehearted and aware, alerted in what would you do in a fact a long free time for you, yet a little chance to make it memorable. Feels like you want to do anything. I feel like i wanna buy the first flight to outside of this country on the next day.
I feel again utterly excited.

In fact i wanna tell this again, this is my true self talking, and i always concern about my future, i am awful in the current and always dream high, i got high stake and need to climb it since i already put it that high. I believe that is not your abilities counts you in, but it is your passion in somewhat particular subject. I believe i'll do absolutely fantastic just trying to be me all the time
Good job Miko ;)