Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Going Back to U.S

Hopefully forever since I extended my visa for antoher 5 years. I hope I can study there and also start my career there.
Oh I miss chocolate bars.
Or deep fried chocolate bars.

Wolfson DAC vs iPhone 4 SQ

I'm not being one sided here since I have both phones Wolfson in Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPhone with it's own sound chip.
I've been sticking to iPhone for quite a time. The first time I've ever used an apple audio device was a really nice white 4th gen iPod. It was a tremmendous shift in sound quality from my old Samsung Yepp mp3 player which I used all day all time. I loved it until I knew sound quality differences. But then I got to know a lot of audio devices. I used a really nice and the coolest at it's time Sony Walkman CD player the sound was super since it's directly amped from a CD and as we know lossless audio type is the best audio type since not a single frequency has gone like in a compressed mp3 files.
I just bought a red Shure SE 535-LTD limited edition Japan. Which also a big leap in earphones and headphones that I've bought all this time it's quite pricey. It's $560 and I don't make money which makes the wish list looked stressful. But I managed to save my money for the past 9 months until I have the money around last week. I bought this Shure SE535-LTD in one local store which is a network store originated from Singapore. Again, the sound quality of Shure top notch In Ear Monitor is amazing. Super sensitive, Triple-Driver, and finely tuned. In other words It's a sound system cramped in one little earpiece. Clearly, this is the best earphone that I've ever own.
The Wolfson DAC is just for the International version of Samsung Galaxy S3. For American market Samsung Galaxy S3 sadly uses Snapdragon's soundchip. The multi talented Snapdragon at it's best.
My impression is when I hear songs from Samsung Galaxy S3 it sounds neater, clearer, and sharp. The soundstage was amazing, adequate bass attack, and perfect mid. It's like when you hear songs you have this space of sounds around you and the vivid nuance it made, great separation, zero noise, so when it was silence it is quiet. Good high and cystal clear vocal. The only lackness is no thumping bass, and the volume stops at 15 which sometimes was not loud enough for my ears. I wish it could stop at 20 or 25.
iPhone 4 on the other side has a thumping bass, rich color, and blended sounds. I prefer the bass and volume in iPhone 4. Which makes some songs sounds clearer. And not a few people mistaken the volume they heard as clarity. iPhone can't deliver the separation of every single instrument like Wolfson chip does. That's why some songs sounds like a messed thread. The iPhone sounds really powerful and loud with punchy low and clear mid. But it lackness of high and soundstage made iPhone sounded dull.
I prefer the sound of Samsung Galaxy S3 than iPhone 4 since Samsung Galaxy S3 has an amazing soundstage compared to iPhone and better highs, clarity, accurate instrument hit. I'm listening to Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey in .flac and Incubus's Are You In since it has great drum and instruments sounds.
Well many sources said that Shure SE535 doesn't sounds great with it's stock cable. So I'm looking forward to upgrade the stock cable with Baldur MKIII or MKII which I don't really sure the difference between it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Future Could Be Reborn

So, if you're awake and wondering at the sky why does it stand above you staring right to you watching every move of your tiny feet compared to the enormous sky. Stop it, stop it for a while and stand back. Take a fucking deep breath, and realize the ground you stand on.

As I wrote the letters in this android mobile phone my mind straight goes to the movie about Cheesus. Some of you might have known what Cheesus is or some of you wondering. Cheesus is a cheese sandwich which shown a Jesus Christ face on the surface that Glee club Co-captain Finn found. I don't usually watch this Glee episodes but this episode from second season of Glee show don't fail to catch my eyes. Not just because the theme which was religion, but also the quotes among them. I always remember this one dialogue between Cheerleader Coach Sue and  Emma. It was where this dialogue came out:

Emma: What happened to you, Sue? What horrible, horrible thing happened to you that made you such a miserable tyrant?"

Sue: Have a seat. Since I was a little girl, I've had exactly one hero. My big sister. You know how much I worshipped her? She was the sun and the moon to me. And while I was still very young, I noticed that other people didn't feel the way I did. People were rude to her. They were cruel. They laughed at her, and so I began to pray. I prayed every night for her to get better. And nothing changed. So I prayed harder. And after awhile I realised it wasn't that I wasn't praying hard enough. It's that no one was listening. Asking someone to believe in a fantasy, however comforting, isn't a moral thing to do. It's cruel.

Emma: Don't you think that's just a little bit arrogant?
Sue: It's as arrogant as telling someone how to believe in God, and if they don't accept it, no matter how open-hearted, or honest their dissent, they're going to hell. Well, that doesn't sound very Christian, does it?

I never forget that one line. It as sincere as a naive person way of thinking. I got a lot of people told me some things are going to hell and some things are going to heaven. And how I could go to hell also how ignorant they are to other things that they think as out of their normal way. It's just sometimes ignorant people won't think rationally like why the sky is blue, why is it raining God is not all the answer. We can't be ignorant like the monkey beating experiment. Where primal emotion thoughts took over consciousness and alert of living. "It just, it works this way down here" like a bunch of criminal waiting you in the dark alley when they beaten you the hell up. Ignorant people shouldn't live a social life.