Saturday, February 28, 2009


guitars, my skills, specs that attached to me everytime, notebook, home, house, family, cousins, aunts, uncles, shoes, talking ability, relations, records, hair, flattening iron, national geographic channel, daanish, goals, desire, lust, hands, body, i hope i will remember the last time i see my own hands, i hope i will remember how to love, remember the day when i hold one hand, the day when i feel the heart thumping, the day i feel happy, look at my crush, look at beautiful people, wanting a band, want to be famous, want to be a doctor, and all the things i said to all the people even in unconscious condition, remember to kiss my mom and dad cheek, my brother and my sister
i could be crazy after this activity which started 5.5 hours from now

Sunday, February 22, 2009


hey *soft voice 'pft
i met her yesterday on the mall
i only stand on the same spot for about half hour
suddenly she and her bf talked in front of me
i whisper her name which unconsciously became loud and louder till she heard it
she turned her head to me and i smiled to her 
i give my hand and she give her hand we shook
and i said my name she laughed
what a day what a day :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moving Picture

When about to sleep i look at the tv and this movie seems interesting
i hooked up with 2 laptops in front of while i sitting on the bed beside my aunt sleeping
well look at the biggest notes font

A Complete Loser

Almost 2 decades ago i was born in my house without a doctor midwife or pschic
raised in a strict dutch-principle family where no excuse for tiniest fault
okay im not good on writing on this condition but
as a obesity young boy i always be jealous on all my brothers and cousins where many girl get crazy on them
as a human we all have a dream as a fat guy i dreamt about to be in shape on all cost before i get old or at least once in a life time
from a fat guy into this guy
a guy with a body that i dream all my life
and a hair like astroboy's friend which once i ask my dad to cut my hair like
when being like this several people seems doesn't like it they hate me
don't know for sure

oh by the way here look on how do i look 4 years ago

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hands created to handle but not for This Guy

Because the best way to show how thankful you are is to take care
im so fucked up found my guitar is cracked
about 2 inch wide and a half inch deep
i remember when the last time i played it that mark isn't there
in this house there just only me, my cousin Nathan, my mom, and a housemaid along this week
so to whom i may blame on
i will show you the damage later

Here's a Close Up

And a Farther Look
Oh Come on.. It slightly visible
it doesn't as huge as a cat or something but for me it's like the strech of Gibraltar strait
Updated on3:06AM February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All My Life I Pray for Someone Like You

hey chap im writing this on 4am and my Dad ask me to translate a 351 pages of powepoint presentation for this morning and i just finished 68 pages it's a long long long way to go

but um the most important part of this writing is, i want to tell you all that 
ummm i really like
um it started like this, i remember when im about 8th grade i saw her for the first time
and i see her oftenly afterwards and i saw her again again and i know that
(this writing is not related to the previous blog)
that i really really like a girl named Shareefa Daanish Sumartono
hahahahahaha dream on fanboy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's Make All the Person Knows That

and i never saw a girl at the same time my heart beats hardly my hands got cold and i saw you there you look at me
and so
doesn't matter you doesn't know
i just want to see you happy


i grab the big box of corn flakes
oh my tea is getting cold
i took my phone and text to the doubtful one
oh someone forgot to put back my soymilk on refrigerator
i always searching what i wanted in this world
but they always avoid me
the math could kill me 
the physics flew on my head
chemist like a mad person babble
and the biology is logical
they for whom to slap me
consisting a dense like a rock solid
and now is the part where i ask to myself
"Where should i go?"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Got Tired Easily When i Mosh on Bullet For My Valentine concert

Yup like the title said Pelor Buat Palentinku means, i watch the concert with my best friends and cousins

The concert was "O.K overall score about 6.5 out of 10

I didn't ask the concert for being extremely good but at least they give the energy. 

Unfortunately the energy doesnt feeled even on their most brutal song Waking The Demon
miss octave on the melody, pretty unloud instrument sounds, and lack of stage lighting

Duuuudeeeee.. You guys have to learn a lot to be a big big band

But thanks for showing your face to us because all this time we stare at you from the computer's monitor