Monday, December 27, 2010

Hold Your Hands Together And Bow

I want to write a lot of things but since 3 days ago i nested in my bed, had a fever and nausea which occurs till now. I don't feel really well, have an urge to vomit, headache, and twirling tummy does anyone have a same symptoms like me? I read a lot of people on twitter are. But well i just want to say Happy Christmas to all of you. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maverick Is A Top Pilot Maverick Is The Best Pilot Maverick Died Over Watching Looney Tunes

My height is always be my problem. I am 5'7" which slightly shorter than my friends even girls and quite  embarrassing while i have caucasian bloodline *ahem* a little *ahem
and because in average people height is around 5'8" i am noticeably an inch shorter
I was born as this small skinny kid which i think a little make sense looking back at my height while my brother is 6'1" it's the reason why i always wonder why am i this tall. I don't want to get beaten by him. Ever
I read somewhere that it is possible that we can be taller if we have taller sibling. Or is this just my growth works a little slower than it should be.
well at least they saying bullshit about shorter guy doesn't get attention and hot girl
i got both

and she's 5'8"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Chelsea

Meet Chelsea, She's a white labrador while another Labrador born black
She came on mid July while i am imagining about Labrador mixed with Golden Retriever, She came on some peculiar morning running around with big leg, and good shaped head
She licked my face when i squat near her at the very first time she crawl into this house

No one know since the time she came here that i have a plan to takeover her, i always take here everywhere when no one's at home
I bathe her almost every week and make sure her meal bowl fulfilled

What strange from these words are. Why am i writing about her like she's faraway
Because she's not fully mine, she belongs to my aunt and because my aunt always been busied then i always take care of Chelsea.
No one in this house knows that i called her Chelsea.
Hope she can keep this secret
High five Chelsea!

Should Be Without A Title But That's Alright

"But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes." - Shakespeare

I believe behind every events lies a reason
And every single people that live in this world linked by several events in their life
i am scared not being genuinely honest to myself
i wasn't live this life for another people
what holds me back was shame
and shame shall getaway
i am ego

Song mood for today: Nur Ein Wort - Wir Sind Helden

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well You Look Good On That Dress, That Way Is The Way To The Librarian

Hello folks it's been a while since i was had my mid exam and a lot of laziness to power up my computer. My mid exam went well but not the scores i'd tried my best but it turned out into this well i guess i need to try harder i've been playing a lot lately though. I read novels more often than i rehearse the subjects lately. Do you know that ride in amusement park in which we sat on one line with another four, and theres a bunch of people on other side, and it will shoot the seat to the upper tower part and gone back down and go up again and go down over and over, i think it's scary yeah like this morning i had a dream that there's two people that i remember the face, i always pass the by in campus. In my dream we were in an elevator he was lighting a cigarette, then the elevator shows warning, then it works like that thing gosh i wish i know what that thing was called. okay picture *if i can find any

Oh scientific method, i kinda afraid of heights, not like some people with exaggeration but i think I'm normal to afraid of bungee jumping. I'm still fighting on it i don't know should i accept or fight for it. Because i remember earlier when i was at elementary school i told everyone that i had claustrophobia the fear of closed space or narrow spaces. Meanwhile I DON'T REALLY AFRAID OF THEM. I think i want people to give a little more attention on me, i don't know why i don't remember why but i like it. I like when people look at me scared in that particular spaces like (back again) elevator. And till finally i was too tired to act like that i am scared, i am normal. Don't you feel it too when you got stomachache you'll think its just some activity happening in your body, but when you know why is it moving or aching it hurts more. Like when i was fat i didn't know that i always had gastric but then lately i found out it was gastric, it hurts more. I think it's just a matter of mind tricking, what you want to fear then you do. If you didn't fear, you didn't. 

Song mood for current time: Commodores - Easy
I like the old videos playing along the song. It makes more calming (well except of the anarchy parts)