Saturday, July 30, 2011

Try Me and You'll Know Who's Better At Stalking Each Other

I got my friend on my side for a walk
instead of taking her to nice dinner, i took her to the art exhibition
at first she told me that she is eager what to see there
but i know it's not her thing to see this kind of show

i notice her slight face changes
and she started to complain how bad this painting, and how weird that sculpture is
she keeps talking about how we could just had a wine and talk about what's new or talking about beautiful things
but then she can't take it anymore so i she wanted to go to a coffee shop afterwards which i did

i see discomfort and disappointment drawn on her face
she looked like a cracked dam that just need a plunge of force to the crack and be pouring
she started will "Well, ..."
and she continue with complaints after complains of the unfortunate

The thing is, it's about how people remember, memorize you, keep you in mind
you don't have to be perfect to cause a change to someone's life
you don't have to be that formal to be attached to someone's thought

a weird lyrics that make you feel funny because they seem been forced to be there
a weird note on a song
how bad a band is
and how perfect you make a song

Do all the things that you feel like you need to do
Is makes you what you are, and the way is to show them what are you made of
show them how epic the theatre of your mind
i believe you'll do so

Sincerely, me

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beads down the stream of eye

It's excruciating how i see your pics and you remind me of every single piece of myself
i can see my face in your face
and how people say we look identical

how the kisses was just memories
and caress might just pass by
secrets and lies
complains and argues

How the hugs occurs for a moment
and taken away by the time itself
bed time talks
good mornings on my eyes
morning meal together

Trips and plans
butterfly and kite
that house
on a hill
and peaceful..
might be realized

whoever it is
So long..