Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Would Be Less Accurate When You Do That While Holding Your Ear. And I'll Be The Last Thing You See

Yesterday night i was crazy about Alienware M11x remembering how cheap it is compared to how much the price is. Everyone in the Alienware headquarter must be crazy i5 Processor, 4Gb of RAM, and 1Gb of VGA as low as $999. Plus my thick framed frame geeky friend will be jealous of the presence of Alienware Computers in campus HALLELUJAH!
But the Alienware is less interesting since there's a lot of negative comment on the assembling and blank screen. It's so crucial when it came to a company as huge as Dell Alienware because everyone's eye on them. So i continue to wonder back to my earlier lust Macbook Air! As usual of my days lately i always check on Indonesian Apple website just to check the New Macbook air availability of course.
Click to enlarge
That's what i got just then on so i assume that Apple Computer had been preparing for the actual stuff to arrive. Please just be quick don't do the same thing on your iPhone 4. It's your fault that i've been spending it before i got the phone. Sucks *sigh
It's 2 in the morning my exam would be on 8 this morning maybe i can just wake up at 7 then. Actually I'm in Mid Semester Exam week now so i need a lot of work on Discrete math and some holes to patch.
Do you know Brands Essence of Chicken? It would probably a great fuel for breakfast skipper I've been drinking that for a week and it feels great till now. I don't have plan for this December so instead of thinking to go somewhere, i want you to tell me what you're gonna do in this new year's eve. 
I definitely go for some (heavy) drink hahaha ;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Face Book Me. Sorry I Mean I'm A Book Face

I enjoy my time looking at thick books i seem that i could read them laid back on my bed, sniff and brush my cheek to the paper. I love how it smell also expensive books smells good rather than just ink and papers. Almost the same feeling when sometimes i saw really firm money and imagining the faces on the money had a face lift.

I could even imagine from where the book shipped from if it's from England, then I'm smelling England. If it's from California, I'm smelling California.

I told my significant other that i would like to have a little library for us someday and we can actually start collecting the books from now. Imagine a house full with books. Sweet ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I don't know what've gotten into me but i must be so upset for not really clear reason all i know after not so long got up i had rearranging old stuff threw old stuff that probably wouldn't be used. Like McDonald's bill and other numerous restaurant or even a price tag on clothing.
Unfortunately one of my aunt wanted every unused things stay on their spaces just for memorizing purposes which i actually able to understand. Like when i saw a movie ticket my mind went back to those time i can remember who was sitting beside me at 30 days of night the movie was good because it makes me tense during the hours.

But her stuffs reaches the ceilings and i really mean ceilings when i said ceilings. This time not in a metaphoric meaning. Basically most of it weren't my stuff it's my little cousin's stuff
What he has been doing in this last 3 years was putting dirty shirts on the floor leave my door open every time he passes at anytime he's not even able to make an instant foods unless it was in a cup or using a microwave to heat up, and just shout to the housemaid for a meal, just a call for a help, got depressed while i give suggestion or giving an advice. Back in my significant other's house i can't connect the router up to the internet which i don't know why meanwhile it should be easy. I just wished that i could have more time there or at least until it was finished

I found a banana and i eat like crazy. This time because i am so hungry and all i had eaten was 2 bananas and a porridge this morning it leads me to an impatient way eating the snacks which i stopped immediately when i thought of making a banana juice or an orange juice. Easy just put banana, one ice block, and a glass of soy milk dunk in a blender and wait until blended soft and ungranulated. It would make me full right away. Am i right that soy milk lower your testosterone level?

What makes my mood doesn't being friendly was the stuffs in my house because when i was rearranging things in my room, everyone started cleaning the house as well. I also smell new paint smell in the air there must be some walls has been painted.
Everything wasn't on their places, i got panic when this occurs and it really disturbs me maybe i'll just turn off the lights and wouldn't see these stuffs blocking my way. And when you picture how comfortable your room was when you were really tired and was not home then when you're home it wasn't like what you've been thinking. I got a really dirty face right now i think i need to wash my face then change to clean clothing.
I'm thinking about how many people that had studied as much as me and thinking about that just makes me think about how many rivals i got there on college if they really did study a lot, and if they really does study a lot how afraid i am that my score wouldn't be straight As
Maybe i'd better be sleeping my mind went too far away.

Oh by the way did you guys know about that traditional Chinese treats which taste really sour and salty and has the structure like a beef jerky but softer. i hate it and what makes it perfect that i didn't know what my significant other was eating, so she offered me some and i bite a big bite of it because i think it was dates and the next thing was how horrible it tasted.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sixteen Candles And So. Patterns, And Hiding Under The Bridge

I go this weird feeling just right after i finished a novel called The Perks of Being A Wallflower and it wasn't a nice one
i felt extremely sad and not really in a good mood to sleep
i need to be somewhere i feel secure. Somewhere at least i can get someone hugging me the whole night and forgot what has just happened afterwards

I had suddenly imagine i got knocked down and all i can remember i had passed several months in bed and realized that i had lost my hair most of them. Realized that it was all wasn't a dream that i heard voices of the people i know saying how they missed me and how they love me. And i could imagine how someone having a revenge on me forgive me for what i did on them. They just forget it. How i can imagine my significant other will be there at anytime and cried at some particular time where she wished me had a better health condition, or she would really wait for our journey to go around the world starting europe when i was released from the hospital. While me lying there useless and all i can do was just heard them.

Maybe this is sort of mixed feeling because i didn't want the main character end up ordinary and the book ends in a certain way i do not expect.

And how the main character in the book said that he got straight A on his report card which lead me remembering about my mid semester exam. And how i remember how pretty my girlfriend is. I'm not telling you because she is my girlfriend but in fact how beautiful she is in my eyes. How i dont always agree when she said that she's not. How i insisted that she does and how i can feel that she did believe except some elements didn't looked "beautiful" for her.

Maybe this is the first time i wrote about my girlfriend in a really long time because I'm afraid that i exposed to much about her in my blog but that was what all i can think of right now. And even though i've been reading the novel i always imagine that Sam in this novel probably looked like her and how fun it is imagining her in the stories.

I wished that someday when i got upset i could ask her to hug me around my neck from behind and let me feel safe let me fell asleep right there but believe me she always do

I just want to make this straight... I love her.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Note Has been All Filled Out With Your Name, You Freaky

What's happening lately is i've been going back to vegetarianism
and I'm in the middle of mid semester exam
I'm so excited to spread wide the happiness to all the people
smile to everyone and talk to strangers
remember you will know how does it feel when you really doing it

i remember my significant other always worried about things to do and things that she didn't really know i always tease her laugh because of it because it's the most cutest thing i ever saw

well I'm about to continue my study then, live your life really to the max
because this current time you breath won't comeback.
Don't worry about a lot of things, there's no time for you to enjoy your life
just live it


Friday, November 5, 2010

Pretty Neat! Yeah That Was Pretty Neat!

to be honest i always write this blog post to you on my strangest mood and in the right time
and it really produces pain and agony in stagnated writing pose
earlier because man created to socialize and i need someone to share, so that time my blog entries was a little bit critical and logical ticklish
I was angry to myself and in the same time i angry to the whole world for being such a fucking full slap in your face
I was angry because the world was a puzzle that time and the time is shorter than it used to be
A day wasted because i didn't show my face to the whole world
All i need is my identity and something that could help me achieving it
I've been through so much pain and terrible terrible accidents, drama, and reality
What you seen on that reality show wasn't just an ordinary TV show
It could be happened to you anytime
I always cry when i wrote most of my earlier blog post

Believe me being a grown up sucks, you need to fulfill the needs to be one
you got responsibilities, mom dad getting old, and ugly friends getting around you
when you're a grown up thing that you love will be less in number
when you were a little kid you love your shirts, allover, blocks, chewy thing, that spinning thing above your bed box and everything around your house.
When you a grown up, whatever thing you love being less. The most important thing in your life shorten to be one
One finger pointing

I saw a comedy film on the other day telling a group of friends with problems, successful businessman, and travelers gather in a barn of horses they will help the horses move to another barn across the desserts, rivers, and mountains.
At one scene the cowboy leader told about how much he crazy about one girl and he decided not to got over the girl just because he thinks life is all about one finger pointing. And it goes to another scene where one of the friends with a problem which previously though he was bored with his wife before he hit the camp rescuing a baby horse in a wild river stream. He almost swept away by the stream and almost died but before his friends rescued him and his baby horse.
In the end he knew about what that one finger pointing

He said "I've been wondering about this (shows the finger) and i didn't know because the imminent death of Chief, but then i realize this till i almost died on that river. I think about my wife, i think about my children, so that what this (one finger) means to me"
Ultimately what is the most important thing in our life is what the first thing across your mind when you know you're about to be gone from them forever. Yeah i know that feeling that we wouldn't see them anymore, and what they would do when we're not here anymore and what happened when they didn't have us involved in their life

I had that stupid attempt and it wasn't suicide attempt. It was when i was on 21st story high balcony i saw another platform beside the balcony, and a window near the platform. Not forgot to mention there's no supporting fences on the platform. So i planned to jump to the platform and go inside again through the window. It's that simple.
Then, there i was jumped to the platform, and walked further i felt the breeze on my ankle and my palm the jump to the window 21 stories high without support
Well what crossed my mind that time was "It's your choice to cross the line for one time in your life or looking at the line for the rest of your life". It's kinda a teenage rush and thing but well it's smoothly succeeded and here i am writing this blog 5 months afterwards. On the other hand it was reckless and silly how i did that. No one saw me, and no one around that time. Okay it was smoothly succeeded but what happened if i cross my feet, step on my another foot, fell down to the ground or someone opened the window so i fell down 21 stories high end of story. It even gives me thrill when i'm writing this

Okay i'll be honest. I'll tell you what popped in my mind when i was finished doing that and a bit shocked looking at the same spot for half an hour. That time my mind wanders and remember how breezy that was, how cold it was, and how dangerous it was. Then i started to wander in my mind. What the first thing strangely popped in my mind was my dad face, followed by my mother face, and then followed by my dreams and strange things like my best friend that has gone, and what would happened in my ceremony, then i think about my significant other. Then i grab my phone and apology. It was a thrilling moment phew..

So tell me what's yours?

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm No Drunken Driver But I'm The Goat Shepherd. I Saw The Car Hit The Fences And Roll Over Twice

It was at October 19th i was laying back and browse some stuff as usual, and my laptop is on my chest
I don't know why every time i saw this laptop it takes me 2 years earlier when i was just got the laptop a new shiny white Macbook i choose white because white is Mac-ish you know what i mean right okay this wouldn't be really hard then.
That time when, all the things that make you happy was hung out to malls and got happy while seeing people around you while you were there, all that could make you even happier was remembering your white Macbook sat back home waiting for you
It's just me or almost everyone get thrilled when they push the power button on their new computer or especially Mac when we really doesn't have no clue what's in there would it be fun or not.
For the first timer what made me disappointed was the absence of 'start menu' which made Windows so famous of everything about it. Most of all, the computer was so quiet till you didn't feel you're using a computer at all and mostly it's rarely vibrating because of hardworking components inside them. Everything was neat. No computer was built like this
Mac impresses me so much at these times.
How could a computer that so much easier to use and does looks good jammed in one pack

When i just got this baby

And back to where it was at October 19th i was just got back from college and looking at some pictures in web and something crossed my mind. I speculated that i hold my computer everywhere in my left arm, then why i did put it separately from my bag? Because its heavy of course. It made my shoulder sore and red. So i want a real light computer and best if it was apple computer. My mind goes to Macbook Air directly. Then i tried to look for the rumors that spread over the internet about new Macbook Air. DANG! Apple would introduce their new products on October 20th and holy mackarel it's 18 hours from the time i saw the news. So i woke up and tried not to be late going to campus, and sat on the middle row on the very left line. I put my books, i opened my laptop and waited to boot, go straight to Chrome and i just type on since i just put back my apple bookmark like a week ago i waited for the website since it was my campus WiFi so it's not blazing speed. Then for a little waiting i was welcomed with this screen

This is mean

I can't help myself for being so happy i just sms my pa straight ahead and trying to plan about getting which model. Come on Macbook air! Come here fast! *whistle

Back 2 years ago i was active on being their online activist and stuff, giving speech about the importance of being environmental friendly by not eating meat, why it's saving earth and stop the violent. I remember i was being vegan for straight 2 years. Till for so many reason i need to get my nutrition back for a while and get my shape back. I was drastically transformed being a vegan in 3 days i was totally picky at my food. I'm telling you the first 3 days was tough but after you pass it you will feel light and emotionally stable. You still can take one week petition of being vegetarian or the full month. The most challenging part was when you have to really being picky of your food intake it was so much fun.
well if you interested you can go straight to the website
gosh i could cry right now i miss being vegan

This picture i taken somehow made me remember the vegan times and oh i remember i always buy the 'Vegan Times' magazine aswell.

These was my magazine back then when i got nothing to do then i will read these magazines over and over