Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rubbing Grime?

Hard to believe people change into another form of evil when they face towards a threat of misfortune
Ain't a word be nice to all of us yet no words left undone
Yet again people see what they want to see. They make it real just to make assumptions from what they know and been suspected. They let the thoughts live and make a grudge of it
Grown into Casanova individual taking measurements from the nearest people and reach the highest points of them.. Such a waste of life

Btw i met this girl at my campus, she's cute and all i said to her like "Can i know your name?" and she was like giving her hand and said "Of course " i don't know about having a girlfriend or someone close. Of course i need someone to talk but i won't give any sort of attention like 24/7 late night calls etc etc with the boyfriend girlfriend cutey things as easy as my Paps to vomit on top of it because a bad movie.
I didn't ask her number though
i found project lotus was exciting have i missed the show? Or it just begun?
I missed whole point of this blog. This isn't working for me any longer. I make posts just because i don't want to pass some month without posting.
I gave up hope about someone special when i thought people could act the same but some of them act like they care. I was waiting for her call back for my coffee invitation. But she never calls back so i put my mind into another shape. It don't matter how my company looks. All that matters is when they don't complain to whatever I'm doing and trust me even when i do wrong things and people around them were against me.
Some girls were unicorn and aren't with relationship we are in a cycle from stranger into stranger again?
I don't get it why people can't stand being alone. Like where do you want to put yourself? So you are someone's brother? Someone's gf? Someone's niece? What does that means to you? A lot? So now. Do you understand yourself? Know what you want to do for your life? Know where you are now? I bet you just live to be rotten being a servant of someone's mind and you will live to the end of your life being a such pitiful creature.
Alrite imma wait for Galaxy S III for a bigger phone. I'm tired of little screen