Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Smell of Coffee and Breakfast

We're scared in some transitions in life
I can't sleep and i lit up my cigars
This is the last time i ever touched the cigars
Since i came back again when i started working
But, this day is the last time i ever work in that office

I will miss my surroundings, the people around, and the routine
At least good bye for now.

I'm sad so sad that i don't want to sleep and going on to the next day
I don't want to leave that office
I don't even want to walk away
But, i need to keep on going with life.

I keep being an ass on my last few days in that office
I don't want to stare their faces
I hate them instantly
But, they have become a part of my life.

I will be feeling this way until sometime in the future
And keep going on with my life
I let the wound bleed and dries when the air let it dries naturally
Rather than put a bandaid and see the scar for the rest of my life.

I thank them for being a part of my life,
And thank them for letting me to be a part of their life
At least, farewell for now.

Good bye

Saturday, September 14, 2013

You Are That Special

There's nothing frightening about when you met people and you learned to get acquainted  to them,
get used to their behavior, get to know them better.
Theres nothing frightening knowing that they can leave you someday, sometime, some way.
They took those memories from you, those moments from you, a part of your life away.
It's not frightening if that happens.

You get those memories, love, and affection that you deserve,
And no one can understand those as you do.
You are that special for being loved by someone and you are special to love someone.
Even if that they someday leave you, it's just that... You both are just not meant to be
Not because it is not destined to be.
But it is the series of your behavior and choices within life.
It's your call, your decision.
You need to know that once you met someone in your life you've got to be prepared for when they leave you.
Never be afraid when you love someone, or someone loves you back.
You are that special.