Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I Allowed To Do A Speech On His Funeral This Is It

So unfortunate knowing that I can't have my best friend accompany me in my old times
It's wonderful to have a friend like you, and it's a common phrases like that just came out from my lips
We can have a plan in life but we don't know when God will take us back to his side
I know deep down inside here I felt an endless sadness but I know crying isn't help you there
I miss you, and I will miss you for years, and years forward
I was amazed that the black churches call that place is home, and you are home
I believe one day I will go home, I believe one day we will gather there
so see you my friend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We met on that small town we had been growing up in last 3 years together, we argue about silly things, and when we met again you will made it chill. I mad at you, wrangle at you all the time but you take it as a one way critic. Nonetheless i just don't want you being fooled by someone. I know, about the last time we met i mad at you. But it doesn't meant that i don't like your girlfriend i just don't want you to considered as a bad boy in front of my parents. Well, I just wanted to share. I known you were like that from the moment we know each other. The last time we about to met i said it's okay to came here i will accompany you anywhere to relieve the weight on your shoulder I really meant about anywhere, anytime. That's why i've planned to skip my course for a full week while that's bad for me but it's okay if it to makes you happy. But i think you already got a company for that time so i decided to leave you for a while for you to take your time. But, have you ever think if the case flipped i gone to your town, and i stayed in your house for a night, and next nights i spent it with my girl on my another friend house. Nah, i would never do that but you can imagine if i done that. I think you have the time for me when you came here that night. I tried to be patient when we're separated from a miles, and miles distance i texted you all the time, but you replied it sometime. I knew you've read it. I knew because you told me that you read it when i called you later. It's just like... I am happy for the last 23 hours i spend with you because i got company, and the best thing is that company is my best friend.

But that's just my emotion, anger, i know I'm wrong i know you have your own reason to done such thing. But you we're there when i have no direction. You give me a big map, you help me, guide me trough it, you introduce me into a world when i thought there's no such music really speak what i feel and really touch me, and you introduced me emo, post-hardcore stuff, metal music while I'm listening to Japanese music. You take me to the places where i've never been before, you introduce me to the peoples i haven't meet. You accompany me wherever i want without ever complaining about a thing. You never complain about my mouth, about my critics, you never said I was wrong, but you always there for me to get everything i want, and you never get tired. We bonded by a song that's a weird thing to understand but we did. There's no such thing really good in this world than having a friend Like you

I never get things seriously to you on earlier days, but i just tried to be serious on the last time we met, and that's fun! I can understand you. I had a short time to done that. But what ever you do, what ever you try, what ever you will be, you still be my friend. Remember Yudha when i blabbered to you that doesn't meant that I don't want you to happy, i just want you to get the best in the world. Thank you

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Me Stay on 19, Please....

i was craving blogs and read it slowly
till my the YM window notify there's one text pending
so i clicked on the window i got a question...

well, i just miss those times

The day when you never think about money, girlfriend, someone to care about and something to fulfill when you step on particular age. The need of education, the need to eat something and every friends and family was close to you. The day when you want to play with them you just call them and you will meet them as soon as possible. The day when your parents have no such a big business like traveling trough this country or go abroad. The day when the thing you really like is to eat anything without worries, using kids shampoo without worrying that the hair will dried damaged or something. The day when you don't have to think about how to give your parents something in return

Well i thought about this every time, i like the time when we were young we feel we were unbeatable we feel we were immortal. We do pretty much bad things we try everything so we know about that things and doesn't care wether it's good or bad right or wrong we just like to do it. We laugh with friends and we love them we enjoying much time with them rather than our family we go anywhere with them, and you think your parent's didn't have so much attention on you. We never feel regret when we walk out the door every minutes and hours. We fight with our parents and we really want the things we wanted to be and we fight about their misuderstanding we don't even think that one time they will gone and leave us we keep wrangle with them. But that's when we were young

When we were older in this case is me, i can see things why is it like that and why it is became like this. And i was enjoying my half time with family and the rest with myself. I don't really like to go out with my friends and i just have these friends they close with me and i enjoyed time with them i really like them it feels like i'm having this untied family. I have this stable life where i study everyday and i go anywhere i want to be anytime make my worries avoid me and i can see girls without worry, well just for having fun. It is a pleasant view to saw beautiful people, well i can see which one is good which one is attracting, which guy is good looking and... hey don't be jealous to them just try not to lie to yourself and let the attitude of accept that we lose is there. And i have my closest with me anytime and i don't want to lose one of them i want every little bit of them could be known and understand. Well i just don't want to see my parents die

Well it a useless hope to think that you can get back in time we have to know that time could not go back and won't repeat even scientist agrees that time keeps going trough and un-travel-able. Take your time to think what the best you can do in this current time

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okay, The Most Hardest Part is To Tell The Truth That You Have Not Love Them Anymore

I was planning to get a blackberry
on a purpose to get online every time i want, open the maps, and craving wikipedia. I probably could say i can't live without the internet for this present time till years and years forward so the world is better with a fast internet connection. Grateful jakarta did have a good 3G internet connection (although it frequently down but it's fine), but if i wasn't get a blackberry i am about to get a HTC Magic it's the "sequel" from my phone's it looks completely different than my phone but it still have the Google's android OS which is a good reason to buy a phone. The interesting part on that phone is they have the newer version of android code named "Cupcake" it have nicer environment and many bug fixes. Yea it's pretty much interesting.
Nothing more interesting with this Google phone after using it about 5 months till now. It haven't changed even after a few updates and unfortunately it is unchangeable. The annoying part is if you wrote on the threaded sms it have a blue yellow color theme *cute~ GAAH!

Till 2 days ago i did things as usual like chat and doing some facebook stuff and watch yea you know...
the word alive live gigs, emarosa, and also dance gavin dance's WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK? Hahahaha
till the time i got really tired maybe at 5.30 AM i brush my teeth, wash my face and lie down on my bed i close my eyes since it's too hard to keep it opened
But, oh iforgot something! Check the phone wether there is a message or not
no message unless this notification stated a system update is available
It's a common view to saw this screen notification but it isn't a "system" but "software"
i tapped the screen to update
i waited the software update with my eyes closed 10 minutes passed, 30%
15 minutes passed 45%
and i was think to leave it while i gone to sleep but i am eager to know what update is it
i forced my eyes to open
the update completed about 20 min
and my credits are decreased about 50 thousand rupiahs *platoon style
so i check the phone and thinks have seen this interface before. I really remember this interface but i thought i was wrong so again i look into every little thing on the phone. The whole phone is changed and yea i knew this interface
it's CUPCAKE! The new android OS i found that i have camcorder app now, and the camera is quicker and have a nicer color balance, it isn't annoying again to see the threaded sms, and in addition it isn't boring
i can do anything trough this phone now and ah i found this on this afternoon
a virtual qwerty keyboard

sell this phone?
that was so yesterday! lol