Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Royal Rumbles

Cherish and laughter in a distance slowly fades
An inevitable collision between desire and require

Kno wut, you guys shoudn't like hoping about something to always be in some way. I mean your parents doesn't live a thousand years and those love songs that you've been dropping tears on wouldnt get you anywhere in your life.

No! Feelings doesn't rot your heart out it doesn't have that itch in your chest while you love someone. It doesn't make your tummy hurl and butterflies got frenzy in it. Yeah, it's all a lie that you've been wanting to hear , watch, and see on the television.

The fuck people i know they complicate things like that shit on their face wouldnt shut the fuck up. Like i mean come on this life is complicated enough don't complicate shit like every fuckin time you open that shit on your shitty face. Yea nigga just wouldn' shut the fuck up.

I've been through some shits and let me tell you this "YES LIFE IS NOT FAIR SO FUCKIN' DEAL WITH EVERY FUCK IN IT" yeah it feels great to get my rage on this fuckin literary on whe web. I mean like get your shit together, work yourself on that and be a better person rather than whining that you have got that negativity mindset in your mind and even you're born with negativity. Shit just got real eh?

Grudge? No it isn't healthy. So fuck it! I mean like if you want to smoke weed your whole life then smoke it! Fuck everything that doesn't allow you to. You want to play game your whole life? Some company pays you to. Get on with it dipshit.