Wednesday, April 18, 2012

das Tür

It has been 3 years since i typed a word in this blog about United States and how Love and Lust has a thin line. I just finished my yogurt. It's lychee i always like lychee since it has it's own sweetness and fresh aroma. I like it a lot since the packed juice in the grocery was ice cold and crazy fresh when it was summer and the sun is glaring hot.
I just wrote a translated Indonesian Dragonball Z on my twitter
lol i have to get back studying this Computer Networking I'm in the middle exam week now in my 4th Semester in Binus University. I felt settled in in here
anyway how can i write down German letters in this us keyboard?

"Get a Licking"

I guess it's right. Life goes on, people changing, places gone and replaced and you are the only one who are stagnating.
People gone by, and I'm doing the same thing each and every day. Same routine. Until i asked myself
"Why am i doing this?"
"Why am i the only one doing this?"
I'm feeling alone yet i have a lot of friends, nothing to hope, nothing to expect. Happy cheerful yet alone.
I gone out to some places meet people with their friends, spouses, significant other, etc.
So i made my own routine, going to gym. I like it a lot i meet a lot of new people and I'm getting healthier and it affected my body a lot.
Going to gym also made me lost about 4 - 5 hours a day. Which made me have less time to have a chit chat my dad and my mom at home.
I wish i have time to read more novels and books in my mean time.
and i have some weird attraction towards mobile phone i used to change mobile phone like every 6 months yet technology rapidly growing every 3 months one technology left out.
I don't know what to write. Or maybe i have to stop writing.

Thank you for being my loyal reader whoever you are wherever you are

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Snowing Outside But I Don't Want To Wear My Coat. I PutThem On Under The Shelf. Thanks Charles!

It's sucks how this ended up this way. As i recall that memories, it feels like yesterday. Yet i don't want to remember those times again. Maybe for now or maybe for ever.
I am upset. One said if you are pissed count to 10 before making another decision. If you are angry count to 1000. I've waited 14 days since the day i was angry until i made this writing. That box up there was everything i have from the memories with me and my ex girlfriend.
In short I've been keeping her off one particular guy and now she's dating with him.
I called her a bitch.
When i need the explanation of 'why' i asked. Then the 'why' replied by and "lol i get it. Feelings change right? Just like the day you left me". No you can't explain my 'why' with an LOL. Nothing funny with breaking a news to someone with a sign of laughter.
No, you can't compare my family with another family. No, you don't even tried to talk to them. Of course you like phone more. She said 7 months after me and her break up she get to close to someone new which is the guy she always hang out with when i was dating her. But in the calculation from August add 7 months is march week 4 and she said that at middle of march. So how? It happens in the future and she predicted it?
I am upset. Nothing to regret. 
Of course i don't want to regret anything that I've done in my past. Sure i got the consequences of what I've done. I put all those memories in one box, bring it all the way beside her house. And set the box on fire and let the memories and stuff turn to ashes. I've never done or get something like this in my life. But hey someone to get something once along their life don't they? People met another people to make them someone they would become someday. I am myself my own from now on.

Sure It Is Not Meant To Be

This all comeback again since this little conversation between old friend of mine and myself
she asked "So you said love is lust. It's like 4 or 5 years ago but i just want to ask 'why?'"
It's been a long long time since i manage this kind of post. Well let me explain in other way. The explanation of 4 years or 5 later.
Love is an emotion, an attachment, a possession, and lust. Stirred in one type of feeling, condition, anxiety and euphoria driven by hormonal imbalance. Then you've became in  a state that called in love.
Love itself is a substitution of an absence of a name of the feeling you've been suffered

An extreme happy, sad, and anger in one
Yes i'm not a believer. Love is just an expression towards something in particular