Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stumbling Upon Old Posts

I was browsing through my old social media posts and i found mysef a lot of laughter. 
I don't remember i was that sarcastic with a twist of satire humor. 
There was a lot of laughter browsing through random self monologue and punny joke. 
I don't care when people doesn't understand what the joke is. But i love posting random things.
I think it's a process where i can be reminded of who i am and what i was. 

It's not a backward process but i think it's an important thing to keep reminding yourself of who you are and not lost in the digital realm of growing up. It gets into your real life and makes you a real bitter individual when the part of you that had been accepting the grown up you.

It gets really bitter when you hold on to the value of works and interaction between you coworker that you've been holding up high turned downhill and these people told you "it's just the way it is used to" and your standard degraded.

It feels like you are convincing people that you are not lying when people say that you are a liar. Nobody believes you since they accused you and they don't want to listen to you. Yes, bad system destroys good people. And your system is chaotic. You never be on top.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Aruba Cannon Ball

Life just went downhill from here 
And from now on it is not going to get better


Grown Ups

Day 9201,
I realize life not just like or dislike someone or things.
Being nice or not to people,
or acting nice.

Being happy is just being around your family 
or just playing video games with your siblings.

I realize there is evil.
Something or someone that shows you that terror is apparent 
and it was real.

I realize hating the past and getting upset about what the things you should have done or the things that you shouldn't makes no point.
It's just inevitable.

You realize that bad people did bad things to you and all you can do is just... Preventing it to happen.
Sucks it is

Friday, September 12, 2014

Stiff Neck Has Led Him Into a Worser Transformation. We Need to Stop Him From Killing People.

I fisted my wall over and over. 

It hurts

It hurts so much that it bled a little on some knuckles.

It's the sign that I'm alive.

Alive and well.

It's been a little too much imagination.
I don't know which are real which are fiction.

It's been a terrifying moment in my life. But yet, I've never been so much better.

It's been a bad hangover
and i want to fully wake up.

It's been a chaotic occurrence
and it's time to wake up. 

Relevancy Goes Through our Veins While Everyone's Heading to That U.F.O. Unbelievable

Things corrodes inside my body slowly destroys it into matter.
Crashes into smaller particles, explodes, vanishes.
Things, stirs emotion. 
Touching the very deep part of the emotion itself.

Things, has going on inside. While it was okay, i keep wanting more than this.
More than this. There is a place where i can feel life is more alive where life is less lifeless where my eyes to be more alert to everything that revolves around.

Life is where we make money, get a lot of it, and take the rest of our life to spend it off. What's the point of making a lot of it and spend it later. It's like you binge eat in the morning and decide don't take anything until the moment you close your eyes. 

So where are we going when we are working? 
What are we trying to achieve?
What is the ultimate goal?

The recognition of the yourself is the ego.
Recognition, like an elephant with their tusk, tigers with their pattern.
The recognition of the hard work is.
When we give something to our work, that's when we get something from the art itself.
The art of indirect interaction.
Action - reaction.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Blabber

Yet another obstacle occurred. Sometimes when people took me half hearted, i prove them wrong.
I'm stuck in the middle between work and hobby. I don't think hobby and work does not get along fine. It should be somewhere we found it collides in harmony. Where we admire the joy of doing something we love and people appreciate.
Does it something unreachable so it's so hard to get into it? 

At most point of my life i don't want to do anything beside playing drums. I love to play drums. It made me forget about all things. It made me feel good. Feel that i was alive and well. A feeling that you can not exchange with something. I don't care if it hurts my fingers because i can put any bandage on my finger and keep playing. I love the feeling of hitting the drum and gets a sound, vibration feedback from it. I don't want to do anything beside drumming.

But the problem is everyone thinks it's a hobby. Can i just make it a business where i can keep on playing drums and people appreciate it?
Or make a band and trying to meet several people to do it.
I'm in the process to find the perfect people to do music. 
Or. Only if only i could. I should do it by myself!
Man that's the greatest idea alive!
Man i gotta work on something!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Royal Rumbles

Cherish and laughter in a distance slowly fades
An inevitable collision between desire and require

Kno wut, you guys shoudn't like hoping about something to always be in some way. I mean your parents doesn't live a thousand years and those love songs that you've been dropping tears on wouldnt get you anywhere in your life.

No! Feelings doesn't rot your heart out it doesn't have that itch in your chest while you love someone. It doesn't make your tummy hurl and butterflies got frenzy in it. Yeah, it's all a lie that you've been wanting to hear , watch, and see on the television.

The fuck people i know they complicate things like that shit on their face wouldnt shut the fuck up. Like i mean come on this life is complicated enough don't complicate shit like every fuckin time you open that shit on your shitty face. Yea nigga just wouldn' shut the fuck up.

I've been through some shits and let me tell you this "YES LIFE IS NOT FAIR SO FUCKIN' DEAL WITH EVERY FUCK IN IT" yeah it feels great to get my rage on this fuckin literary on whe web. I mean like get your shit together, work yourself on that and be a better person rather than whining that you have got that negativity mindset in your mind and even you're born with negativity. Shit just got real eh?

Grudge? No it isn't healthy. So fuck it! I mean like if you want to smoke weed your whole life then smoke it! Fuck everything that doesn't allow you to. You want to play game your whole life? Some company pays you to. Get on with it dipshit.