Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Won't End Here. But Somewhere Around That Sea

It's been a little while since the last time i wrote in this blog
well... I didn't write this blog as often as i was before
It's been a really long journey I'd been cruising with someone i know really close
i really enjoy the company but it was me that doesn't want co pilot for a moment
that's the short story

The long story started from the day i was tangled with college life, the hectic, and madness. In college life it was different, a whole new thing from a place where we used to go every morning and got nothing from the whole day as we known called "school". Where the pupils are more clever in scribbling table than their book. Where all you can think is going home.
College is a whole different thing, it's all up to you. It's all depend on you. You want good scores? Study hard. If not, never miss class and talk with your friends. It works well for you

I gone to gym lately, i entered the gym as slinky guy, and 3 months later i got bigger and healthier. I got muscles here and there, and i looked better. The reason i hit gym was because when i was highscool i hit 91 KGs and 2 years later i ran around my complex every single morning and in a strict diet. Which is wrong. I reduce my intake so obviously i thought it'll totally drain my weight a lot. And it did! The good news. But in the bad news when i was reducing my intake, i got less energy for my body to carry on the day. I got this situation where you feel not strong enough and you would easily faint yourself. It wasn't good I'm telling you. I have no clue why people reduce their intake, and they purge it all where do they get the energies? How could they think? Where's the nutrition? How their hormones work?
I really don't get it

And i wasn't in a relationship anymore it's not that i found someone new as listed in my Facebook i was in a relationship with Rossie Huntington-Whiteley. But things were different, i want nothing to consider when i was studying, i want nothing to consider when i was having fun or let my thoughts flew. I want my own space for no apparent reason. I want all the feeling i used to feel, the thoughts i used to think, and i want my personal space expanded throughout the globe. I want it selfishly. But it was at first when it all happen i thought it was just me that feeling that way. But my significant other told me the same thing. That she would do the same thing to this relationship. The difference was just timing. I did it sooner

This is briefly the longest ever I've been in a relationship. I don't think i could do the same thing like this twice. I might be fooling around, with some girls, have fun, and enjoy the every bit of my youth. I believe this time wont come back. So i lived my life to whatever state i entered. I took it to the level where people don't enjoy them as much as i do. I appreciate little things, I put attention to details, and i met new peoples. I smile very often. This break up wasn't easy. But i know i will gone through it

I believe the people around me, i met, i love, i care about, i know, i didn't were the people who make my personality this way. Those are the people who make me a person. The people that make me Marco Adriaansz as Marco Adriaansz itself