Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sure It Was Okay... But You're Being a Bitch

I got a funny story when i was watching Alesana this night. Actually i got a little bit upset since i didn't get anything sort of their stuff like things they threw after the show or during the show but well I've been waiting Alesana since like 6 years ago. Thanks to whoever behind Lian Mipro

I came there by myself and met another 2 people Andin and Radit but we were separated when we entered the venue. The first thing came out was Set Your Goals which i don't really know anything of the super energetic show that they bring. Two songs has passed which sounds very similar from one to another i took several pics of them in case someone likes them i could afford some pics from my Canon Powershot A1200 i just bought it from the last time i went to Singapore. I was looking for a pocket camera and I was holding my blackberry, and i searched "best budget camera" on the Google it directed to and directed to a page which shown rank based the balance between value and feature. I got money for my birthday so why not buying it something that might be useful and something that i always want but not really crucial. Something that we always forget but something we always remember when we do things. Pop i bought it for Sin$155 easy dealio! I like it so much!

Back to the concert Alesana is on the stage i spent 4 first songs at the back of the venue, behind the moshing people. I really wanted to have fun till i put my phone and my beanie on Andin's leather bag. And then i rushed to the moshing pit, then hooked on the front row.
I sang and shout there. Took some pic and videos. Until i realize that Dennis Lee the screamer was about to jump. Sure he jumped off the stage onto the crowd. Unfortunately the crowd isn't really cramped on the place where he directed to. The next thing i know was his hand landed on my nose, and his body landed beside me unstable until he fell on my body because i hug him of course lol that is fuckin hillarious... It's a lie if there's no evident but did you remember what i said? I was about to take a pic when he jump towards me so i accidentally took a pic

Then of course i hold to him like I was holding onto a ship. Until my specs fell off and i should been looking for it. I realease The Screamer, and i got my specs and try to stand up again. I took my camera out of my pocket, aim toward Dennis and the next thing i knew i got this pic

He gave me a thumb! Suuuure! Nooo problem dude! Hahahaha
After all, Alesana was awesome I've been waiting Alesana like ages. I think 6 years or so. They been my favorite band since i know them, i did cover of Alesana songs on full band and I've been listening to them, and my style and everything. Thank You Alesana for coming to Indonesia. I hope we can be good friend :)