Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trouble Sleeping. That's Like My Middle Name

I learned a lot for being positive by any means.
It means to keep smiling, to keep feeling alright.
Even the slightest sadness doesn't need to be present.

I learned a lot that a happiness came in a shape that i don't even expect. It came in any shape that so beautiful even that i want to protect it no matter what happens.

I learned that there's no need to be exaggerating little things for it become a big obstacle. It makes me and the people around me feels bad. It puts people into hard position.

I learned that i don't need to take everything seriously. I just need to follow my heart, my dreams, and my will to do the things i want and it will be so much better when you met someone that really appreciate your goals, support you no matter how bad it is or how impossible it is.

I learned that i need to stand on my ground and trust the people that can be trusted. If you found someone that can be trusted, never lose faith on them. If someone lets you down one time, there will be the thousandth time.

I learned that the more i live my life, the less i wrote about this blog. I keep this blog as a journal. I was sad every time i wrote a post in this blog. But i don't feel that sad more often. I do want people out there that doesn't even interact with me read this journal and felt the change of the way they are thinking. I want to know that. And i know that i can't stop writing when i do it.

I don't know where to stop. So i always end it like this.