Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Art of Peace In A Yellow Cover

"The smell of roasted beans, and artificial daylight
a sip of a coffee and a puffy eyes
finger on the aluminium keyboard and mind on the universe

What would i eat for lunch today?

Why am i sleepy?
Why do i have to stuck and sit here till the end of the day?"


Why do we work? A simple question to the sophisticated universe system. 
Why do people work? What's the ultimate goal? 
Is it a new kind of devotion that been keeping people sane
That keeps the world going like it used to
is it a system that keeps the engine rolling and makes everything in the world to function like it has to.
or is it a system that naturally started by humans to evolve, survive, or simply to be a better human being.

But what makes us keep working?
a strive for perfection? 
Most of the people proud of working in some certain company because of it's name
but why?

Or is it because it looks like you are guaranteed on your welfare, people look up to you and think that you get plenty of money.

The ultimate goal of happy living is you are well fed.
I had that conversation with my old man some time in the past. My whole life was about my parents. I wanted to make them happy, i got into the major that my dad wanted me to be and he found out that i've been doing this for them. He told me that i don't need to do that.
Why? Because the measurement of happy for them is that I've got no difficulties to keep on going with life. I didn't get difficulties on getting the needs for my life 
"In the end of the day, you are the one that is going to live your life. So I've been worrying how would you carry on when I'm gone".

So as long as you can live, you are fine. You get money, you get rich is the privilege of doing a good job on your work.
But the meaning of working is still a mystery. But i know, the moment we stop ourselves from going to work is the time when a part of the world's spur gear fell and need to be put immediately back again.
It's a system that keeps all the money going all over the world. The business keeps going, the boxes being delivered, the crops are being processed, and you got to get your ingredients for your dinner this evening.