Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Swear I Saw A Gorilla Playing Guitar There. But The Officer Gave Me A White Connecting Sleeve Shirt

For some certain reason i really don't have any words here but i always trying to write a lot of things that i wanted to share. Actually I've been attracted to new mobile phone from LG mobile called new LG Chocolate, i think it's just cool. The perfect phone for myself, like my own self. Despite of the dash of red over their head and feet. Well i think LG have been developing in these last 2 years. A lot. D'oh i can't help myself from gadgets they are cool stuffs. Gadgets help human life being easier aren't they but i wonder why they are so pricey. Maybe we're buying technology, and researches, hard work from people done the research

SOOOOoooo so so so so so what's in my mind is about emotional bond. So i have a friend recently came to me and shared about her love life soooo so so so so so ill tell you the story in third person view. Let's say there's a girl, and a boy named Billy, and Sarah *common name on your English book

So they were attracted, adore each other. Sarah likes this boy so much for uncertain reason. Sarah liked when Billy around. Call on late night held hand when hang out french kiss hug snuggles. Sarah found it difficult to keep on the track while a void cramped on her bone marrow. She agreed with Bill for keep it as it is. When they said love to each other they trust each other like no one else. They both have angel on their shoulders to keep an eye. Someone to lean on when about to broke without afraid of losing each other.

While they agreed on their uniquely shaped yet unavoidable relationship, Sarah felt something gibberish kept her awaken at night spoke on her ear lead her fingers of touching the numeric keypad. To give a message goodnight while in sudden a message was received while she wrote the new message addressed to Bill
Too bad that message weren't from Bill. Ruined the whole mood to sent a message she cried. Too long then dried until eyelids cover her sight. She thought that she'd better gone sleeping because her dream is better than reality.

She understand the consequences, the disadvantages of her relationship.
No emotional bonds, no secure, no warm hand to held her cheek when she need it
"How a question "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" helps girl from her sorrow
"How an official relationship helps one
"How emotional bond helps one's soul came out from despair, insecure, and inexplicably happiness
"How a word changed one's life