Sunday, July 10, 2016

I was lost and now i am found

Hey there,
It started when i was so lost. I wanted to get along fine with myself more i quit my job, do something else entirely different and let go of the things that been holding me down including something or someone. It started with letting go of the things that makes me comfortable. Getting constant money from it and doesn't do something else than working. Well yeah it was weird for me you work all your life and spent the hard work later on when you are 60, what are you going to do when you are 60 with that plenty of money and where were you as long as 22 - 59? So that was when i decided to say fuck it and let go the most important thing to keep on surviving and that is money source. I said i quit on that particular afternoon in a coffee shop and at the same time indirectly said to the boring routine, stress, peer pressure, and office politics. It was a brief moment of silence. I was in shock, and my boss too. He sat there like about to open his mouth to make things straight with that look that signaling that he knows that this isn't personal but he can't insist me to stay either and then he gave me a week off before the designated date and i kept being paid for the rest of the month.
Second thing i did was letting go of the people that been slowing me down. Holding me down from the things that i want the most and instead they are driving me towards fulfilling theirs I'm not going to tell you that was easy but it should give you more peace of mind and the most important part is, you get to do what you love without someone telling you not to do it. I think this is important because you need positivity, and you should surround yourself with those who are positive as well. In that way you are going towards the best things in your life.I got to tell you that this is the best things in YOUR life because all the best things in life is relative to the individual. 
The third thing i did was doing the thing that I've been wanting to do and i wished i had time to do it. Yes now, i got time and money in my hands so i decided to do what i wanted to do and put money aside for a while. So i decided to take a Barista Certificate. Which is truth to be told totally different from the things i used to do. I learned new things, i was treated like how house maid been treated on, and that was a new kind of experience that let in in my life.
The philosophy behind it is like i used to swam against the current and resisting hard the where it takes me to, but now I'm doing the opposite. Instead of I'm doing what "it should have because that is what used to happen down here" into "oh ok great! Let's see what life brings into me after this" kind of behavior.
Let me tell you the things that I've been doing this last 6 months. I'm living on 1/10th cost of my usual monthly cost it's not beacause I'm being hard on myself or i starve to death to save those money. But i think it is enough to keep me live a healthy life and keep paying those cups of coffee that I've been spending to keep myself awake through those deadline catching nights. And also movie tickets for date night! Wait... Oh yes that, i met the one when i was doing what i always wanted to do. She's funny, she made me laugh, she's beautiful, and made me having this somekind of weird amnesia that there is always been a better looking woman out there but no, i want this woman. This woman is the kind of woman that you met and you knew and sure that everything is going to be alright with her. And you don't want anyone messes around with her so what i did, i told her that she is the one after a week of dating, and propose her the next month. Ain't you surprised on what live takes you to the things that you always wanted to be?
I'm doing design business which is what i always wanted to do too!
Now I'm living my dream. I always wanted to be like this. If my 17 years old see me where i am going to be in 10 years, he would be shocked in disbelieve. But remember it's not because you are not fortunate enough to chase something. But i think you should do what you love where you can't stop doing it and work your way up through there to the with a commitment to say yes to where the life brings you to, keep it true to your heart don't ever hear the logical thinking of yours. If you think too much about it and making excuses about  why you are going to do it, you "might" be in the wrong decision. The route that your heart choses might be not the best logical way to solve the solution but once you follow it, you will be so happy because yoi are doing what you want not what you need to do.
See, i was lost but now I'm found.

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